Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Caring for Your Bras


Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Caring for Your BrasThis week has been all about finding the best bras to keep you comfortable, supported and fashionable. We’ve discussed fit and style and today we’re rounding out our series with tips on proper bra care. The way you care for your bras can make a huge difference in their lifespan and continued fit.

Don’t make these bra mistakes when it comes to caring for your bras…

You wash your bras with the rest of your clothes: Bras are intimates and delicate by nature. There are many different parts of a bra that each require gentle care. It is best to hand-wash bras but if you can’t, wash them separately from the rest of your clothes on a gentle cycle in cold water. This will help preserve the fabric and hardware on your bra.

You wash your bras with Woolite: If you take the time to hand wash your bras, don’t use Woolite. This product is design to stretch wool. Washing your bras should not aid in stretching them, but rather maintain their firmness and elasticity.

You’re putting your bras in the dryer: Never dry your bras in a dryer. Rather, hang them to dry. Line drying outside is the best way to avoid stiffness.

You’re wearing the same bra every day: When you wear the same bra repeatedly without giving it a break, you’ll wear out the elastic sooner. It’s better to give your bras a break in-between wears to allow them to retain their shape. Establish a bra rotation that will keep your look and your bras fresh and functional.

Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Caring for Your BrasYou fold your bra cups into one another: It sounds like a good way to stay organized, right? But it’s actually better to lay your bras flat or prop them upright in your intimates drawer. Better yet, if you have the space in your closet, hang your bras.

You’re not replacing your bras when they are worn out: Bras are not forever garments even when you wear and wash them properly. Between losing their elasticity and damaged hardware, the shelf-life of a bra is less than a year. After that you can recycle them but don’t let them outstay their welcome in your wardrobe.

Get the max out of your bras so you can look great and feel comfortable in the most important piece of your wardrobe. We hope this week’s tips on fit, style and care help you avoid making bra mistakes!

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