Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Fit is Essential

Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Fit is EssentialAs bra experts we believe your bra is the most essential part of your outfit every single day. It not only supports your breasts and defines your shape once your clothes are on, it should also offer a great deal of comfort. Spending all day in an uncomfortable bra that isn’t complimenting your body is like forgetting to brush your teeth or wear shoes. You just wouldn’t do it.

Enhance every aspect of your body – from your posture and breast health, to your confidence and comfort – by wearing a great bra every day. We’re supporting you as you prioritize your bras! We’re sharing common bra mistakes that can be a total bust for your bust! Today we’re starting with fit and then we’ll move on to style selection and caring for your bras later this week.

Don’t make these bra mistakes when it comes to fit…

You don’t measure yourself every 3-6 months: Just like the rest of your body, your breast and back sizes fluctuate. Measure yourself frequently to ensure you’re wearing the correct size for your body. You can use our handy Find Your Fit tool to easily calculate your size.

Your breasts spill over the top or bottom of your bra: Full breasts need full coverage so if you’re breasts are popping out of your cups or dangling below your band, your bra is too small. The cups should encapsulate your breasts and the band should sit below your breasts to fully lift and support them.

Your bras are gapping or wrinkling in the cups: Your bra is too big if there is space between the cup and your breast or if the cup does not lay flat on your skin.

Your breasts sag, bounce or shift: Full figure women know that sagging, bouncing and shifting can be extremely uncomfortable. Your bras should lift your breasts so they sit upright and centered and straps should never dig into your skin.

You’re wearing your bra on the tightest or loosest hooks: Give yourself and your bra some space to breathe. If you buy a bra that only fits on the loosest hooks, you may be disappointed in the fit if your breast size ticks up a bit. On the flip side, bras that fit on the tightest hooks only will likely stretch and become too big within a few weeks. Remember, bras are meant to bend, mold and stretch to contour your body. The breathable materials that make that happen will stretch over time. Buy your bras when they are most comfortable on the middle row of hooks.

Your band is not parallel in the back: When the band rides up even when you adjust the straps, you haven’t found the right fit. The band should be a straight line from front to back.

Your under-band and center seam don’t lie flat against your body: When your breasts push the band or center seam away from your body, you likely need a larger size. These two areas support and separate your breasts for both comfort and shape.

You buy bras based on your desired size not your actual size: This wardrobe mistake will only lead to ill-fitting bras that are so uncomfortable you’ll probably never wear them anyways. Your body is unique and beautiful. Own your size and wear it!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more bra mistakes to avoid when it comes to selecting styles.

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