Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Style Selection

Don’t Make These Bra Mistakes – Style SelectionThis week we’re helping you find the best bras for your unique and beautiful body! Yesterday we focused on fit and today we’re diving deep into style selections to ensure you’re making fashionable and practical decisions about your bras.

Don’t make these bra mistakes when it comes to style selection…

You’re not wearing the right bras for every occasion: For every occasion, there’s an appropriate bra to match. You want to select bras that will offer the comfort and support you need for the activity you’re doing and works best for your outfit. Some bras are versatile enough for several occasions but don’t get caught running a marathon in your t-shirt bra!

You’re not finding the right support for YOUR breasts: There are a lot of great bras out there but all of them may not be right for your body. The right type of bra for you will depend on your body type and breast size and shape. Some bras offer extra support from the band up, while others help hug your breasts together from side boning. From underwire bands and contoured cups, to seamless soft cups, there are many different styles to try. Keep in mind that a bra that molds to your shape will probably yield the best fit and comfort over one that is overly structured.

You don’t have bras that work with your wardrobe: You start getting dressed with your intimates and then you layer on your look. Everything about your outfit must work in concert so ensuring your clothes jive with your bras is essential. Some outfits require a more shape-conforming bra while others need a softer, seamless style. Make sure your bras create a beautiful masterpiece with the rest of your ensemble.

You’re wearing the wrong bra colors for your tops: Certain lighting can quickly become embarrassing if you get caught in a peek-a-boo moment with the wrong color bra beneath your clothes. Nude bras work best with white tops and black bras work best under dark shirts.

You pick a bra only because it is cute and sexy: We love cute and sexy bras as much as the next gal but that can’t be your only motivating factor. Don’t sacrifice support, comfort and fit just for a stylish design. The good news is that you can find everything you’re looking for in the Leading Lady collection because we know how to pair the necessary features of a full figure bra with designs you’ll love to wear.

You don’t have any cute or sexy bras in your intimates drawer: Don’t make the opposite mistake either. Functionality is certainly important but have fun with your bras too. Bras can give you a boost of confidence, especially those special occasion bras with a pop of sass.

You’re not sleeping in bras: Sleeping in a bra may be more comfortable and help you get a better night’s rest, especially for full figure women. If your breasts shift often in the night because they are heavy or flopping in different directions, try a sleep bra with a front-closure that will be comfortable for positioning your breasts overnight.

Stick around tomorrow for the last part of our series on bra mistakes when we talk about caring for your bras.

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