Earth Day and Bra Recycling with Leading Lady

It’s Earth Day, Leading Ladies! The perfect day to talk about recycling – you guessed it – your bras. You know, those intimates that have been sitting in your drawer, because they no longer fit. Or worse, those intimates YOU’RE STILL WEARING that no longer fit you.

Earth Day and Bra Recycling with Leading LadyIf you’ve found the perfect bra, it may be hard to let go, even when she gives you signs that you’re no longer the best friends you once were.  Bras, just like friendship, are about support.  So don’t let your favorite old bra bring you down.

Bras should be replaced every 4-6 months depending on the number of bras you wear in rotation and how you launder them.  If you notice tearing or if the elastic splits, that is a sure sign it is time to replace.  Also replace bras when your size changes due to pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain.

 pastedGraphicBefore you discard your ill-fitting underpinnings, remember that there is likely a lady who would be a perfect fit for your gently used bra.  Our partners at The Bra Recyclers collect gently used and new bras, and provide them to women and girls in transition. By recycling your bra, you’re not only helping to “support” women in need, but you’re also reducing the amount of unnecessary waste.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day the best way we know how, from the intimates – out.  After you’ve recycled your gently used bras, shop our sale! Save 15% + get free shipping on all orders from April 21-26.

Thanks for helping us to improve the earth, one bra at a time!

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