Eating for Breast Health

It’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This is a time when, as women, we should evaluate our lifestyle and routines to ensure we are doing what we can to be healthy and prevent the disease that claims nearly 40,000 lives every year.   We know you have already found your ideal bra fit to support your breasts day and night, which is a great step for the health of your breasts.

Medical researchers believe that breast cancer may be caused by a combination of factors including heredity, diet and lifestyle choices.  While we cannot change our genes, we can certainly control how we fuel our bodies.  Today we are sharing the best foods to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

OMG Omega-3:  The hype is all true, omega-3 fatty acids found in deep sea fish like salmon, herring and mackerel, and plants like flaxseed, are good for you. Don’t be put off by the word “fatty”.  These are good fats that your body uses to lower inflammation allowing your blood to flow smoothly for normal body functions.

eating for breast healthFashionably Bright:  Even food in vibrant colors are “in” such as red and orange vegetables and fruits, especially berries.  They are packed full of yummy goodness like antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Veggie Delight:  Cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts, are a great source of nature’s vitamins and antioxidants.

Spice it Up:  Believe it or not, tumeric lowers estrogen and inflammation, making it an ideal spice to sprinkle into your cancer-fighting diet.

Earth Mother:  Green tea and tofu offer a healthy dose of flavenoids which is a essentially a super-antioxidant.  On top of fighting free radicals, flavenoids have shown to have memory and mood-enhancing qualities.

Power Proteins:  Lean protein sources such as chicken, eggs or soy products fuel organs, cells and muscles with energy for healthy daily function and growth.

Popeye’s Gal:  Olive Oil is not only a chef’s best friend, but also an excellent source of oleic acid that can suppress a gene known to cause breast cancer.

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