Elegant Sheer Top

Full Figure Sheer TopPlus Size Tank with Shelf Bra

We love sheer tops, but unless you feel comfortable showing some skin through the see-through fabric, you should wear pair any sheer top with a form-fitting tank top like Leading Lady’s Sport Tank with Wirefree Shelf Bra ($27.20). You should match the color of your tank to the top for a classy look under the sheer dress top. By the looks of the sheer fabric, you may think these tops would be a nightmare to clean, but you can find some sheer tops that are 100% cotton and machine washable. Just be sure to read the washing label.

For even extra support under your tank, you could add a bra. Keeping with the elegant look of a sheer top, we recommend our Scalloped Lace Underwire Full-Figure Bra ($31.45). The lace is flat and won’t show through your clothes, but if you are worried, the tank will smooth any bumps.

Top shown: RALPH LAUREN WOMAN Mandell Cotton Ruffle Shirt ($95).

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