“Fall” in Love with your Nursing Bras

With the changing of seasons comes a change in your wardrobe.  When you are pregnant or nursing, adjusting to a new season may seem a little more complicated than pulling out last years pants and cardigans.  But we’re here to tell you that you can still love your fall wardrobe even if it requires a few adjustments.  Plus, a new season is the perfect time to reevaluate your nursing bras to make sure they meet your needs, still fit comfortably and complement your wardrobe.

shirred_front_comfort_nursing_bra_4048_First, let’s talk color.  Fall is a good time to retire some of your more vibrant hues like hot pink and lavender for muted tones and basics.  Nude, black and white bras are classic and work for every season and every top in your closet.  Gray is a hot color for fall too.  You can also select subtle patterns like a soft stripe or a sexy lace style.

nursing_top_4049_Another amazing piece for your fall nursing bra wardrobe is nursing tank tops.  These versatile tops are easy to layer and can be worn alone in the midday sun as well.  Leading Lady offers a variety of trendy nursing tank tops that range from simple to snazzy.  Our classic nursing cami comes in shorter and longer lengths, as well as an organic cotton style.  We also have polka dotted and striped nursing camis that fit snuggly on top for breast support and lay smoothly over your stomach and back for a chic, tailored look.  Plus, our elegant nursing top featuring a lace racer back is beautiful and elegant for day or night wear.

Fall should be all about comfort so be sure your nursing bras make you feel warm and cozy.  Keep in mind that your breasts change throughout your breastfeeding journey.  As wirefree_front_closure_sleep_leisure_bra_440_your milk comes in shortly after birth, your breasts may feel full and tight all the time.  As your milk production settles and adjusts to your baby’s needs, you may notice your breast size decreasing or fluctuating at certain times of day.  Be sure you are dressing appropriately for these changes.  Bras made of stretchy fabrics may be most comfortable.  Also, padded bras help some women maintain shape and a feminine silhouette throughout the day.

Leisure bras and sports nursing bras are also essential for fall.  Leisure bras are ideal for those chilly weekend days when you’re cuddling up with your baby, and even for overnight comfort and ease of breastfeeding.  Sports nursing bras are terrific for starting your new exercise routine as the weather cools and you can get out and enjoy nature with your baby in tow.

maternity_leggings_4200_If you are pregnant this fall, you’ll want to keep things as easy and breezy as the changing weather.  Our lightweight super stretchy expandable maternity leggings are fabulous for fall and will grow with you throughout pregnancy and as your body returns to its original size postpartum.  These uber comfortable black leggings pair nicely with casual t-shirts and tops, trendy blouses, dresses and skirts.  Although not technically a nursing bra, they are on our list of “must have” pieces for your fall wardrobe.

Fall in love with your nursing bras this season.  Find the comfort, fit and style you crave right here at LeadingLady.com!

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