Full Figure Bras: The Gift of Comfort and Support

Full figure bras might not be the first idea that pops in your mind as you’re searching for the perfect holiday gifts this year, but you may just want to add them to your list.  We know that picking a holiday gift with the perfect meaning for your closest girlfriends and family members can be challenging.  You want to give something that shows how much your loved one means to you, that you’re there to comfort and support one another and that you know each other, well, intimately.

We can’t imagine a more poignant gift that speaks for itself than a full figure bra!

Think about it:  Like your relationships, a great bra should be comfortable and supportive.  The perfect full figure bras are like hugs from a friend that we get to wear all day long.  They fit snuggly and hold us in place firmly, while also softly and sweetly caressing our skin.  No matter what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling, a bra should lift your assets and your spirits every day.  And like friendships, bras are there for a multitude of purposes, from sports and leisure, to wining and dining, and everything in between.

So how do you pick out the right bra for a friend or family member?  Start by considering her needs and personality:

Fplus size sport braor the sporty friend, a full figure sports bra is a great option.  Wrap it up with a new pair of cross-trainers and make a resolution to power walk together once a week.

For the mom who’s always on-the-go, how about a super-supportive every day bra that can be worn from work, to soccer practice to date night without wasting any time with a bra wardrobe change?  Pick a festive color that suits her taste, and we bet she’d love a matching scarf too!

Leading Lady Scalloped Lace  Underwire Full figure BraFor the sister who’s looking for a mister, we suggest a sexy lace full figure bra.  Perhaps a new pair of earrings and a stylish clutch will help her complete her new va-va-voom look.

For the aunt who loves to stay at home, a leisure bra would make a delightful present.  Add a pair of fuzzy slippers and you’ll surely warm up her holidays.

Leading Lady Full Figure BraletteFor the friend who’s impossible to shop for, a two-in-one bralette is the way to go.  It acts as a bra and a lace camisole, making it a cozy choice for winter.  Pair it with a contrasting colored sweater and jeans and you’ll have a versatile and universal outfit that every woman would love to receive.

To complete each of these gifts, we suggest a heartfelt card reminding your loved one how their comfort and support is so important in your life.  Because nothing is more special than hearing from others how much you are loved.

Leading Lady is ready to help you with your holiday gift list.  Right now, all bras are Buy 2, get 1 Free!  So shop now for your friends, family and throw in a bra or two for yourself.  After all, you deserve comfort and support too!

Happy Holidays, Leading Ladies!

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