Full Figure Fashion: Fall Fashion Report

Fall is just a stone’s throw away, which means it’s time to talk about fall full figure fashion!  This year’s fall fashion is super easy to follow with lots of draping, flirty lines and plenty to keep you warm.  The colors of the season are burgundy, grey, white and classic black.

Check out our full figure fashion report before you stock your fall wardrobe:

Full Figure Fashion: Fall Fashion ReportTops and Coats

Ponchos and capes are sticking around for another cooler weather season and we can’t get enough of them.  They make a fabulous fashion statement and are ideal for all body types.  Look for ponchos featuring interesting necklines and capes can incorporate the colors of the season.

Plaid shirts are trending this fall, along with flowing white blouses.  Plaid is perfect for fall weekend excursions and a comfy cozy weekend brunch.  White blouses are getting a makeover this season with embroidery, fabric pleats and details, and angelic wing-like sleeves.  Dress up your white blouse with trousers for work or jeans for a more casual look.

Men’s inspired blazers and coats make layering simple as the weather cools off.  Blazers work over top almost any blouse or dress.  Duster coats are stylish for fall in a variety of neutral colors.  And while full fur is not on trend, fur (or faux fur) cuffs are right on target to keep you fashionable and warm this season.


Your bottom half will get to have a lot of full figure fall fashion fun in 2015 with snazzy silhouettes and sassy hemlines.  First up, the high waist look is in this season for skirts and pants.  Try the look with a feminine pant suit, which is super chic this fall, especially in grey.

Skirts and dresses will make you want to twirl, dance and swing this fall.  “Car wash” inspired pleats – meaning cut into strips rather than traditional folded pleats – are popular.  Or, try a fun twist on your average pencil skirt or dress with a flamenco-style hemline.  Let your skirt give a little wave at the bottom with a sexy ripple.  This may also help balance larger bums and hips.


Fashionable fall shoes call for feminine loafers, black boots and a touch of fur.  As the weather gets colder, more foot coverage will help keep you warm.  Solid or color-blocked loafers with a blocked heel are versatile for almost any outfit and are practical too.  Utilitarian-style black boots are popular with hardware included.  And to stay extra warm, try fur boots, heels or even dressy sandals.

Accessories & Embellishments

Fringe has been a signature statement of 2015 and it is here to stay as we round out the year.  Add fringe to blouses, coats, dresses, ponchos, bags, shoes, you name it!  You can’t go wrong with fringe.  Also, bling is back so feel free to go big and sparkly with rings, earrings, broaches and hair accessories.  And, if you’re feeling elegant, try long gloves as a fantastic fall fashion statement.

We can’t wait to see what you’re wearing this fall!  Share your pics with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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