Full Figure Fashion: How Every Woman Can Wear Leather

Full Figure Fashion: How Every Woman Can Wear Leather

Move over biker chicks, leather is a trend that every woman can wear.  No longer just edgy and radical, leather is now super stylish and posh.  So much so that anyone with any body type or personality can pull it off.

Just like any other fabric selection or style of clothing, wearing leather requires dressing for your body type and individual taste.  Because leather can be clingy, it’s important to ensure the pieces you select are tailored appropriately for you.  Keep in mind, leather doesn’t have to be tight to be trendy and leather makes a great accent piece if you’re not ready to deck yourself in leather from head-to-toe.

Leather jackets are a terrific way to incorporate the leather trend into your wardrobe.  These days there are many styles that fit a variety of personalities and body types.  For women looking for a slimming effect, select a leather jacket with buttons straight down the middle or interesting off-set zippers that angle down. Plus size women often look better in a collarless jacket or thinner soft leather that won’t add bulk.  To create a broader shoulder, wear a leather jacket with detail, embellishments or texture on the shoulders.  Short fitted leather jackets that hit at the top of your natural waistline will allow you to show off your curves on top and on the bottom.

For a bolder look, try leather pants.  If you think you have to be a rockstar to wear them, think again.  Leather pants can be extremely chic and classy.  A relaxed fit leather pant or a jeans-like trouser pant is great at hiding problem areas.  If you have larger hips, select a classic boot cut design or a slightly flared crop pant.  Another great way to wear a leather pant is as leggings.  The thinner material will not add bulk and you can pair these with an over-sided sweater, empire-waist blouse or dress.  Alternatively, select leggings of a different fabric with a leather stripe down the sides for a similar fashion statement.  Leather pants pair best with a top of a different material but mixes well with almost any texture you desire.

Leather tops can also be sleek and sexy.  Because leather is a more structured material, it naturally helps create a flattering silhouette.  Some of the hottest styles include tops with leather peplums or leather bodies and a different fabric sleeve.  This use of mixed textures and sheens offers a fun and interesting contrast.  Leather is a great fabric for all seasons, and leather tops allow you the flexibility to layer depending on the weather.  Black leather is definitely the way to go with leather tops.

Last but not least, we have to mention leather accents and accessories.  Leather fringe was all the rage at Milan’s Spring 2015 Fashion Week.  This native-esque detail is playful and flirty.  If you’re not into fringe clothes, try a fringe necklace, earrings or even an adornment to your favorite leather purse.  Leather embellishments, especially black-on-black, are very fashionable and can dress up otherwise drab black outfits.  For example, if you’re in the mood for all black, throw a black leather belt of a different sheen into the mix to break up the outfit and add some pizzazz.

Quality leather can be expensive but for the right pieces, invest in real leather instead of faux substitutes.  You’ll feel the difference on your skin and usually the clothes look better and last longer too.

So let’s see your leather, ladies!  Have fun with this hot fashion trend.  We have a hunch it’s here to stay for a long time.

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