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Full Figure Fashion Spring 2017

by ErinStieglitz on May 02, 2018

Full Figure Fashion Spring 2017Happy Spring! It’s that time to roll over your closet and get ready for warmer weather. The trends for spring 2017 are vibrant and playful so you’ll surely want to make room for a few new fashion pieces. Here’s a look at your best full figure fashion trends for this new season:

Boldly Feminine

Romance is back in a fun new way. Dress up your everyday look with flowing dresses, skirts, pants and tops. Breezy ruffles and dramatic sleeves make a great statement. You can even try this trend with an off-the-shoulder top to spice things up a bit. Lace and floral prints are stunning and add to the feminine tone of this look.

Spring for Color

Can you guess the hot colors for spring 2017?  It’s probably not surprising that bright, vibrant colors are on the rise. Hot pinks and neon hues are going to be popular. And go for 80’s inspired iridescent when you really want to keep things interesting. To balance the color spectrum for the season, calming blue is on point. Try pairing several shades of blue in one outfit for a sophisticated finish.


The athleisure trend is both easy and fashionable, plus you’re ready for a workout anytime of day. Hoodies are a go this season and you can wear them with crop stretch pants, leggings or athletic pants. This full figure fashion look is complete with a full figure sports bra that supports and lifts your breast for all-day comfort.

Inspired T-Shirts

If you really want to make a statement this spring, do it on a t-shirt. Slogan shirts (and sweatshirts) are hip and motivating. Keep your message sleek and fresh by wearing your t-shirt with a trendy skirt.

Get Strappy

When it comes to accents this spring, “tie” together your look with straps. Yes, strappy shoes work, but bring this trend higher into your outfit with laced up sleeves, midsections and features to tops and bottoms. Straps feel youthful and are just perfect for the spring season.

We hope you have fun filling your closet with the season’s best full figure fashion. Happy Shopping!

Sources: Glamour, Popsugar and StyleCaster

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