Full Figure Fashion Update: Spring Fashion 2015

Spring has sprung – We’re ready to shed the layers and get our wardrobes ready for the new season. How about you?  Today we’re bringing you the latest full figure fashion update for spring 2015.  So, let’s hop right in!

Full Figure Fashion Update: Spring Fashion 2015Color

The colors of the season are bold and a mix of classic combos along with modern hues.  Move over pastels because this spring calls for bright yellow for any piece in your wardrobe, from blouses and blazers, to dresses and slacks.  The classic black and white combo is in style for spring 2015 along with mixing true blue and white.  These color juxtapositions, especially in whimsical prints and patterns, a make a big statement.  Also look for white-on-white outfits and military green this season.


Prints & Fabrics

Modern gingham was all the rage at spring fashion week.  Designers are taking a new twist on this classic print and bringing gingham to a new level.  Form-loving outfits including sexy suits, sassy dresses and two piece mid-drift ensembles are defining the new gingham look.  Denim is also back in full swing for spring 2015 in several styles, such as denim dresses, denim tops paired with denim skirts, pants and shorts, denim shoes, and roomy, wide-leg denim crop pants.  Or go native with funky colored suede or a wild full animal safari print.   Don’t be afraid to mix floral prints this season too.


Many of the runway looks for spring are a subtle nod to the 1970s.  This hippie, meets bohemian, meets earthy look is breezy and easy-to-wear for all body types.  Military and sporty minimalism trends also popped up on the runway for spring 2015.  You may see jackets and skirts with lots of pockets, combat boots and sharp lines.  Plus you’ll notice sleek athletic-inspired fashion wear, even in traditional feminine garments.

In dresses, look for shirt-dress styles that offer a flattering empire waist or a flowing maxi with an interesting neckline.  Try a crop denim coat for casual wear this spring and go for a kimono-style flowing coat for any occasion.  Both are lightweight and right on trend.  Tops can also be blousy and experiment with an off-the-shoulder look for a playful change when the occasion is right.  Pants can be cropped, and culottes are sticking around for spring too.  Aprons as fashion statements are making a comeback over shorts, skirts and pants.

As you’re preparing your full figure fashion wardrobe for spring, don’t forget to update your bras too.  With the change of season when you buy new clothes, it’s a good time to re-evaluate which full figure bras are ready to be spring cleaned and tossed into the donation box and where your bra wardrobe is lacking.  New pieces in your closet may require different bras.  As always, Leading Lady is standing by to help enhance your spring wardrobe.

Happy Spring Shopping, Leading Ladies!!

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