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The importance of a supportive sport bra is dependent upon your level of activity. Whether you are walking the dog or running a marathon- the search to find the perfect sport bra still requires many of the same attributes.

Look for bras that are sized according to cup and band size rather than S, M, L. This will ensure you are getting the the exact amount of coverage and comfort needed for varying levels of movement.  A good sport bra will lift your breasts and keep them close to your body to hinder neck and back pain during exercise.

Leading Lady carries a Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra that is recommended for low-impact, walking or yoga type activities. It’s made with breathable and absorbent cotton fabric with, no-slip, wide straps for maximum comfort.  Each fits a range of three cup sizes so if you are prone to fluctuating you will still be able to utilize your bra over seasons. Though we know utility is more important than aesthetics when it comes to the right sport bra, but this bra comes in 3 patterns and 4 solid colors – a different look for every day of the week! We say it’s a-ok to want to match your bra to your workout top.

We recommend purchasing new sports bras every 3-6 months depending on your level of activity – just like you would with tennis shoes. Like all fabrics, elasticity will wear over time and you will want to be sure you are getting the best support possible.  If you find over time that your sport bra does not feel as comfortable as when you originally purchased it- maybe its time to put that in a reserve pile to only wear around the house or when your in a bind.

You will need to wash your bra after every wear because sweat could irritate your skin and cause clogged pores. To maintain the integrity of the bra’s fabric (like all bras) you should try to hand-wash as much as possible (and if you must use the washing machine, use the gentle cycle) and always hang dry! The heat of the dryer damages the elastic in the band.

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