Full Figure Superstar full of Full Figure Fashion: Spotlight on Cristela Alonzo

Watch out, there’s a new superstar in town.  Her name is Cristela Alonzo and this breakout star is proving to be a role model to many.  As the first Latina to create, write, produce and star in her own sitcom, Cristela is breaking down barriers in more ways than one.

Full Figure Superstar full of Full Figure Fashion:  Spotlight on Cristela Alonzo

Photo courtesy of ABC/Bob D’Amico

Born and raised in a Spanish-speaking home in Texas, Cristela grew up watching American television.  Her favorites were always sitcoms and that’s how she learned to speak English.  Even when her family could not afford food, her single mother always made sure they had television to keep her kids inside and away from danger.  Cristela was beyond fascinated with what she saw and quickly studied much more than just language.  She came to understand American family dynamics and how they differed from her own life, and she fell in love with comedy.  Her happy spirit was always spreading joy – and sometimes song too – even to her mother who was often gloomy over their family’s hard life.

All that happiness paid off as Cristela went to college and eventually found her niche as a clean stand-up comedian.  She pulled much of her material from her own life as a Latina, full figured woman.  Although humble, Cristela felt compelled and responsible for representing Hispanics authentically to the world.  And she does it with a lot of familiar humor that is relatable and laughable to many cultures.  Her hit show Cristela about a Latina who lives with her extended family and works at a law firm is unique and popular.

Cristela also embraces her curvy body as part of her show and comedy through full figure fashion.  For work scenes, her on-screen character has a signature style of trendy empire-waist dresses topped with a cardigan and classy costume jewelry.  At home her character is more laid back in curve-hugging t-shirts, casual jeans and the currently stylish fitted lumberjack plaid button-down.  She’s also usually donning her famous dimpled sly smile after popping off her customary zingers.

On the red carpet, Cristela’s personal full figure fashion style is a little more sassy and but just as chic.  She knows how to dress her curves in cross-over tops and dresses, v-cut blouses, jackets that hit her body at the perfect spot and curve-loving jeans.  With just a hint of sexiness and a lot of class, Cristela’s positive, wholesome act doesn’t just describe her comedy.

Her inner and outer beauty, combined with her effortless style, is just another way Cristela is breaking the mold of what a modern day superstar can be.  We’ll keep watching, Cristela, if you keep inspiring us with your fashion and making us laugh.




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