Give a Gift of Comfort and Support this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Comfort & Support

Every Mother’s Day we strive to find something for our moms that is personal.  A meaningful token for all she has done for us:  birthing, nursing, diapers; cleaning, carpools, homework; tough love, advice, endless care and affection.  We want to give something that returns the feelings of comfort, support and confidence she has given us for years.

Bras are personal.  And to us, bras are very personal.  So this Mother’s Day, give your mom, or any mom in your life, an uplifting gift, both physically and emotionally.  Give her soft fabrics in fun colors and patterns.  Help her reach her goals, whether it is health and fitness, curling up with a book or being more romantic.  We believe that bras can inspire confidence from the intimates, out.   And what better gift for your biggest fan, than a personal boost from her biggest fan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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