Happy Bra Recycling Month!

happy bra recycling month

At Leading Lady, we’re constantly striving to give back, get greener and help to make the world a better place in any way we can. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with The Bra Recyclers . This amazing organization not only supports and brightens the lives of women across the world, but by collecting gently used & new bras for those in need, they help to reduce unnecessary waste.

As you know, October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  In effort to bring attention and awareness of both of these causes that affect millions of women across the globe, The Bra Recyclers aim to collect 15,000 bras during their 3rd Annual Bra Recycling Month.  They will also give a monetary donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for every pound of bras collected.

Leading Lady is supporting this goal by donating bras from our collection.  While our bra wardrobe may be a bit larger than yours, we hope you will open your intimates drawer and recycle bras you no longer use by sending them to The Bra Recyclers.  Find out how here.

We are also cheering on our partners at The Bra Recyclers through their month-long giveaways.  Visit their website to learn more about Bra Recycling Month, to win $50 gift certificates for Leading Lady bras and for a special discount to our e-boutique.

Thank you for being part of the Leading Lady community to improve the lives of women across the world.

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