Holiday Crafts: Creative Kids Ornaments

Holiday Crafts: Creative Kids OrnamentsIn a household with young children, your holiday decorations should reflect your family. For many this means incorporating your kids’ interests and artwork into your festive home décor. Holiday crafts are a fabulous way to spend time together as a family and let your creativity run wild. Today we’re sharing ornament holiday crafts that are fun and simple for your entire family to create.

Muffin Cup Flowers:  Flowers brighten any home, especially for the holidays. Create your own floral holiday crafts using various sizes of muffin cups. Layer them largest to smallest and cut the edges in floral shapes. Glue the centers together for a beautiful, textured flower ornament.

Handprint Wreaths: Help your children trace their hands and cut out 10-20 handprints from green construction paper. Layer the hands into a wreath shape. Add cotton balls, bells or other craft supplies to decorate the wreath. Complete it with a festive ribbon to hang from your tree or any door in your home.

Snow Globes: Snow globes are a sign of the season and you can make one with a clear plastic cup and card stock. Pick a small, light item to be the centerpiece of your DIY snow globe ornament. Glue it to a piece of card stock. Before sealing your snow globe add confetti or any snow-like bits. Glue the cup to the card stock to complete your snow globe.

Shimmery Shapes: Glitz and shimmer give your holiday a glowing vibe. Without using metallic paints or glitter, you can achieve this look with disposable baking pans. Simply cut them into the shapes you desire and let your kids decorate them with push-pins and hole punchers.

Party Hats: Turn last birthday party’s hats into creative holiday crafts by decorating them as Christmas trees, reindeer and Santa Claus hats. This is an easy and fun idea for kids of all ages.

Craft Stick Characters: Create a holiday full of homemade characters by simply dressing up craft sticks. Your kids can make Santa, snowmen, reindeer, angels, gingerbread men or any characters their hearts desire.

Picture Frames: Another wonderful holiday craft to celebrate your family is framing some of your favorite photos from the year. You can make frames using craft sticks, candy canes, construction paper or any other craft supplies you may have on hand.

Pinecone Trees: Head outside to pick up a few pinecones to decorate as Christmas trees. You can paint them or leave them natural. Add bead, candies, pompoms or other craft items to decorate them as holiday trees.

Bead It: Form pipe cleaners into your desired holiday shape, such as a star, candy cane or Christmas tree. Then let your kid’s string beads to decorate the shapes. This is great for teaching patterning and practicing fine motor skills too.

Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with fun and togetherness with these holiday crafts!

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