Holiday Hostess Gifts

Holiday Hostess GiftsIf you’ve ever hosted a holiday gathering you know how much work goes into planning and executing a fun and festive event. Besides saying “thank you,” thoughtful holiday hostess gifts are a wonderful way to show your gratitude for all the effort that went into the festivities. Today we’re sharing some fabulous ideas for holiday hostess gifts:

Culinary Hostess Gifts

Oils & Vinegars: These kitchen necessities make lovely holiday hostess gifts. Flavored olive oils, truffle oil or balsamic vinegar come in elegant sets for a reasonable price.

Tea & Honey: Help your hostess relax with a variety set of teas and a jar of local honey. Both tea and honey have natural health benefits that your hostess will surely appreciate.

Pastry or Chocolates: ‘Tis the season of delicious desserts. Your hostess may have slaved away in the kitchen making desserts for her holiday gathering so return the favor with sweat pastries or chocolates for only her to enjoy.

Cutting Board: Most kitchens have standard cutting boards but gifting a solid wood, bamboo or stone cutting board is both functional and chic as a serving platter.

Pitcher: Water pitchers are a staple for at-home parties and make a useful hostess gift. Look for one that matches the character of your hostess.

Seasonal Hostess Gifts

Ornament: Beautiful ornaments are classic holiday hostess gifts, especially if you know your hostess takes pride in her tree decoration. Again, find one that matches the personality and style of your hostess.

Plant: Seasonal plants such as poinsettias, holly, amaryllis or Christmas cacti are a wonderful way to honor your hostess and bring vibrant colors and life into her home.

Scarf: A stylish scarf to keep your hostess cozy is a warm thank you indeed. Take note of your hostess’ fashion sense before making your selection.

Decorative Dish: A bowl or platter that speaks to the season is a simple way to show your gratitude with holiday hostess gifts. These are easy to come by this time of year and something she can use a future holiday gatherings.

Evergreen Hostess Gifts

Picture Frame: A woman can never have too many picture frames, therefore they make excellent holiday hostess gifts. For a fancier look, go for a sterling silver frame or a handcrafted wooden frame.

Coffee Table Book: Books are always in fashion and a nice coffee table book is something every hostess would love. Give her one of your own favorites and inscribe it as a personal touch.

Monogrammed Hand Towels, Stationary or Notepad: This hostess gift takes a little more forethought to find or order but monogrammed gifts are always a great choice. Hand towels, stationary and notepads are also useful at any time of year.

Candle, Diffuser, Essential Oils or Incense: Natural fragrances will make your hostess’ home warm and inviting. Any of these options are delicious as holiday hostess gifts.

Disposable Placemats: Here’s a creative idea – disposable placemats will help your hostess throw her next gathering with flair and a little less clean-up. You can find this unique idea at some boutique gift shops or online.

Make sure your hostess knows your gratitude with these ideas for holiday hostess gifts!

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