Holiday Photo Survival Guide: How to Take Great Party Photos


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Holiday parties always mean one thing: lots of picture taking. Do you usually shy away from the camera? Do photos of your smile make you cringe inwardly and outwardly? Now that selfies are an official part of our lexicon, photos are harder to avoid. Make your 2013 holiday season a photo-friendly one with our easy-to-follow photo tips that will have you looking your best!

Turn to your left cheek

Strange, but true! Researchers at Wake Forest University report that turning your face slightly to the right (so your left cheek is exposed) shows more emotion in a photo. The added emotion makes your face sexier, according to Wake Forest’s research, and this position enhances attractiveness. Try this slight face tilt in your next photo instead of looking straight on at the camera.

Lighting makes a difference

Take advantage of your holiday settings when posing for a photo. Avoid overhead lighting if possible because it creates the most unflattering shadows on your face (think dark under-eye circles). Candlelight and Christmas tree lights offer great lighting options and are more festive for photos. Stand behind the sun or in front of overhead lights if there’s no getting around them.

Stand tall and proud

Pay attention to your posture next time you’re getting ready to take a picture—do you slouch, tilt your hips, or round your shoulders? Try standing up straight and pulling your shoulders back and you’ll be amazed at how you command the photo! Your confidence will shine in every photo with good posture!

Smile like you mean it

Someone’s saying “cheese” but you don’t feel like smiling—we’ve all been there before! A genuine smile is the most beautiful kind. Try closing your eyes and relaxing your face for a brief moment before the picture is taken. Right before the photographer grabs a shot, open your eyes and smile. You’re more likely to flash a natural grin than a phony one with this method because you’re not overly posed or conscious of waiting for the photo to be taken.

Just remember, you’ll feel your best in photos if you’re dressed in confidence from head to toe. Start your outfit with a Leading Lady full figure bra and get ready for great photos, compliments, and plenty of laughs with family and friends.

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