Homemade Face Masks

If your skin is feeling a bit lackluster from the cold, dry weather, whip up a homemade face mask to help restore and rejuvenate your best skin.  Yup, it’s that easy!  Rather than heading to a beauty supply store or a spa, you can use ingredients from your own home to make terrific homemade face masks.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for homemade face masks:

Berry Face Mask:  Antioxidants are nature’s cell-rejuvenating nutrients, and berries are a leading source of them.  Berries contain special antioxidants called polyphenols that purify skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help minimize discoloration.  Mash up whatever berries you have on hand with a few sprinkles of sugar.  Let the sweet mixture sit on your face for 5-10 minutes.  You can also purchase acai powder from a health food store to add to your berry face mask.

Mayonnaise Face Mask:  You’ve probably heard that this condiment is good for skin, but do you know why?  Mayonnaise contains vinegar, eggs and oil, three skin-loving beautiful young woman doing cosmetic mask on her faceingredients.  Vinegar is a natural exfoliant that helps encourage younger, fresher cells to the surface of your face.  Using mayo can be a one-stop ingredient or you can add additional natural oils or essences to further stimulate and moisturize your pores.

Wine and Olive Oil Face Mask:  These ingredients you probably have on hand from last weekend’s dinner party make a fabulous homemade face mask.  Red wine is particularly high in the antioxidant reservatrol, which helps reverse and slow the signs of aging.  Combine equal parts wine and olive oil with crushed oatmeal until it forms a paste that you can apply to your face.

Banana Face Mask:  This is one of our simplest suggestions because it can be done with just one ingredient:  bananas!  Bananas help moisturize and soften skin and are naturally thick and easy to mush.  Squish one up and apply it to your face or mix it with a bit of yogurt and honey for added nutrients.

Oatmeal Face Mask:  Many people know that oatmeal is delicious for your skin.  It pretty much does it all, from reducing inflammation to deeply moisturize.  Oatmeal even cleanses pores and adds protein protection to skin cells.  To make this face mask, prepare oatmeal the typical way with boiling water.  Combine with plain yogurt, a drop of honey and an egg white to make a luscious homemade face mask.

Fruit or Veggie Slice Face Mask:  Almost every fruit or vegetable is great for your face because produce is chock full of valuable nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  Just as lotions, serums and creams with a combination of nutrients seeps into your skin, so can the pure nutrients of fruits and veggies when they sit on your face.  Whenever you’re cooking, save a few slices of whatever is in your meal to use on your face.  Ideas include citrus fruits, kiwis, apples, eggplant, gourds and potatoes.

Next time you feel your skin needs a pick-me-up, look no further than your own kitchen for homemade face masks.  With the simplicity of a few natural ingredients that you probably have on hand, you can create a skintastic face mask with great results.

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