Hottest Summer Sandals: Sandal Trends 2016

Strappy – yes!

Lace-up – yes!

Metallic – yes!

Chunky heels and flats – yes!

All of these trends are part of the hottest summer sandals this season.  When you’re showing off your feet, do it with style and follow these sandal trends 2016:

Gladiator Sandals

Strappy and sexy, gladiator sandals are hot hot hot for summer 2016.  Look for styles that have multiple horizontal straps or straps that criss-cross over your feet and even up your Hottest Summer Sandals:  Sandal Trends 2016legs.  Lace-up sandals count here too and feel free to go as high up your leg as you like.  You’ll surely look like a goddess in this trend.

Metallic Sandals

Take your cues from the bright sun, shimmering moon and glistening water this season by going metallic all the way.  This trend works for every sandal style from lace-up to high heels.  Gold, silver and copper hues are fabulous in their natural metallic state, or try a colored metallic like blue or hot pink.  Also consider metallic sandals with texture like a scaly snakeskin pattern or a glittered shoe.

Chunky Sandals

Give yourself a lift with chunky sandals.  And we’re not just talking about heels here.  Chunky flats are all the rage among the hottest summer sandals.  A one to two inch layer beneath your feet will had height to your overall look and flare to your feet.  These work nicely with casual flip flops, sporty Velcro sandals, lace-ups and more.  Also go chunky on your heels.  Block heels are particularly hot this season.  Not only will you find it easier to walk, but you’ll be right on trend for 2016.

Bold Florals

Every gal needs at least one bold print during summertime and we can’t think of a better way to wear it than on your feet.  Large and bright floral prints look amazing on wedges, mules or clogs when the print covers the entire shoe.  These styles have more space to show the outrageous print and give you a terrific pop of color that the season requires.

Versatile Basics

Save yourself some shopping time and mula by buying some day-to-night styles that work with everything from shorts to sundresses to your hot Saturday night outfit.  A black sandal with a medium block heel is a terrific choice that will match just about everything in your wardrobe.  Also select an elegant yet simple nude heeled sandal that can be worn for casual and dressy occasions.

We can’t wait to see you in the hottest summer sandals this season!

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