How Baby Traits Influence Personality

Leading Lady BreastfeedingWhen you have a baby, you have many hopes and dreams about the person she will become.  Most experts believe that your baby’s personality is a combination of nature and nurture – that is that some parts of her are hard-wired and others will evolve depending on how she’s cared for and her environment.  Some people believe that certain baby traits influence personality. We’re exploring a few of these considerations today:

Eye Color

Your baby’s eye color may change in the months after birth.  Many babies are born with blue eyes and they become their true color between six months and one year of age.  A person’s eye color is said to speak to the type of person they are. Here’s what the predictions say:

  • Brown:  As the most common eye color, those with brown eyes are loving, caring, warm, happy, confident and lovers of the earth.
  • Blue:  Prized beautiful blue eyes represent people who are powerful, kind, smart, direct, and energetic.
  • Green:  Green eyes exude passion, exuberance, intelligence, charm, mystique and radiance.
  • Hazel:  Those with this mixture of brown and green eyes are typically easy-going, fun-loving, curious, courageous and sensual.
  • Black:  Rare and mysterious, black eyes are very uncommon. They represent mystery, intuition, loyalty, hard work and practicality.


Scientists are not positive how exactly handedness develops but they believe it is a combination of genetics and environment.  Left-handed people make up approximately 10% of society, but unfortunately often have a hard time with gadgets and settings that are designed for the general public, meaning most right-handed people.

While there are a range of personality traits that encompass right-handed people, there are some common similarities among lefties. Typically, lefties are better at art, problem-solving and creative thinking.  The public tends to trust left-handed people as many recent presidents – Obama, Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ford – are all lefties.  Sports may appear to be difficult for lefties at first glance, but they may benefit in one-on-one facing sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and boxing.  This may be because left-handed people can have the advantage of the element of surprise. On the negative side, lefties have an elevated risk of mood disorders, have shorter tempers and are more likely to frighten easily.

Belly Button

All mammals that have a placenta have belly buttons because at one point we were all connected to our mothers via an umbilical cord.  Humans can either have an “innie,” which means your belly button caves inwards, or an “outie,” one that pops out.  Ninety percent of people have “innie” belly buttons.  But do belly buttons really say anything about what type of person your baby will become?  Not really!  Although some people use the same terms for introverts and extroverts, the directional pull of your baby’s adorable belly button doesn’t have the same weight on her personality.  If your baby is in the minority and has an “outie,” embrace the difference and never make her feel odd for this naturally occurring trait.

Whether you believe in these predictions or not, it’s fun to imagine how your baby’s traits may influence her personality.

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