How Mother’s Day Changes Throughout Your Life

How Mother’s Day Changes Throughout Your LifeHappy Mother’s Day! With the special holiday just two days away, you may be feeling particularly mushy about your role as a mom. Perhaps you’re thinking about how you celebrated Mother’s Day as a child, how your children are honoring you, and what Mother’s Day will be like when your kids are grown. Mother’s Day changes throughout your life as you go from being mothered to becoming a mother and maybe even a grandmother one day.

Whether this is your first Mother’s Day or 50th, it feels good to be honored for all the love you put into motherhood. Gratitude for moms comes in many ways, some less traditional than we might hope, but Mother’s Day is like the Academy Awards of celebrating moms and you’re getting the golden statue.

As a young child you probably followed the lead of others to determine how to celebrate your mom. Perhaps you made your mother something in school or your dad planned a special surprise that you executed together with your siblings. While you always felt the love for your mom, a holiday designated for moms helped you demonstrate these feelings.

Eventually, finding meaningful ways to celebrate your mom in middle school, high school and beyond was up to you. Giving cards, making gifts, and doing nice things for mom were all in order. She didn’t expect or even desire elaborate gifts but the thoughtfulness behind your efforts were what really mattered.

Somewhere in your 20s you may have started to wonder what it would be like to be a mom – having the responsibility of another life constantly in your hands. That certainly seems like something to celebrate. Will you be a good mom? Will you live up to your mother’s example or will you learn from her mistakes? What kind of mom do you want to be?

And then, somewhere in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you have kids and those dreams of motherhood become a reality. Now you understand the labor of love your mom put into raising you and you may have a newfound respect for all that she did for you in life. Between sleepless nights and breastfeeding, tempering your tantrums, helping with homework and guiding you to make good choices, you quickly learn the meaning of motherhood. Being celebrated on Mother’s Day feels so good and so right, at least for one day of your life as you reflect on the joys of having a family.

As the days pass slowly but the years seem to fly away, you find yourself with older and grown children who are now figuring ways of their own to show their love on Mother’s Day. Perhaps this is the greatest gift of all – discovering the baby you nurtured into an adult is capable of love and gratitude, especially for dear sweet mom.

Motherhood changes you in so many ways and Mother’s Day certainly changes throughout your years too. We hope you embrace whatever stage of motherhood you’re in this year and have a spectacular Mother’s Day!

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