How Parenting is Good for your Body

How Parenting is Good for your BodyParenting is rewarding in countless ways including being good for your body.  Even if you work outside the home at a desk job, the demands of being a parent have great physical benefits.  Not only are you reaping the mental and emotional advantages of the enrichment and fulfillment of having a family, which in turn is great for your body, you are directly challenging your physical aptitude in many ways by being a parent.  Today we’re exploring some of the many ways that parenting is good for your body.

Sitting still all day at a desk can take its toll on your body.  In fact, there are many studies about how sitting is terrible for your health.  But coming home to children after a long day in the office or staying home with them if you don’t work elsewhere is quite good for your physical health.  Parents tend to be more active as they are meeting the needs of their kids and trying to keep up with their seemingly endless energy levels.  Really, who needs the gym when you are chasing around your kids?  Hopefully you also actively engage your kids in physical activities, which you can and should partake in yourself.  Kids should have at least one hour of physical activity a day.  If you participate, you’ve probably hit your own workout goal for that day as well.

Parenting also encourages healthier behaviors.  First, we all want to stay healthy so we can take care of our families for many years to come.  That requires eating a wholesome diet and making good lifestyle choices.  In doing so, you are being an excellent role model for your children and teaching them healthy habits.

As parents, we also reap many emotional benefits that are in the best interest of our wellbeing.  Parenting sometimes requires acting young at heart, which can be quite uplifting to the spirit.  We have the opportunity to play and use our imaginations with our kids, a thrill we don’t often get to seek in our adult lives.  Parents tend to laugh more and spending time with our families is a great stress reliever.  That isn’t to say that parenting is not stressful.  It certainly can be.  But looking at the world through the eyes of your child can help keep life in perspective and reduce much self-induced stress and anxiety.  Plus, kids are great “bosses” as they are usually very affectionate, not harsh critics and forgive easily.

Additionally, when you act young, your mind and your body actually feel younger.  You cannot change your chronological age but you can effect your biological age by keeping yourself physically active and your mind nimble.  Parenting definitely works on both of these aspects.  Your immune system gets a boost because kids introduce a ton of germs that your body learns to fight off.  And you get to do it all wearing comfortable clothes!

Parenting is good for your body in so many ways – mentally, emotionally and physically.  We hope you take advantage of all of these wonderful benefits as you raise your children.

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