How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

enjoy life__1460039892_162.206.228.38Life is hectic…downright crazy sometimes.  Juggling all that life throws at you can be stressful and cause you to lose sight of yourself and things that are important to you.  With the dawning of a new season it’s time to stop and “smell the roses” this spring.  Today we’re offering tips on how to slow down and enjoy life.


Recognize your stress. Then stop and change the scenery.

No matter how we adjust our lives, there is probably always going to be something that stresses us out.  It’s a product of human nature and our modern desire for productivity. When you do find yourself rushing about, being short tempered, obsessing over details or otherwise feeling stressed, react immediately.  These feelings are perpetuated when we allow them to continue.  Instead, stop in your tracks, take a few deep breaths and redirect yourself.  You may need to ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you are.  Is what you’re upset about really that horrible?  If you’re late somewhere, is it the end of the world?  When you let the stress get the best of you, you can’t slow down and enjoy life.  But if you take a moment to calm down and revaluate, you’ll have a better shot at getting a whiff of what’s beautiful in life.

Be present.

If your mind is constantly wandering towards your schedule or to-do list, you probably are not enjoying the current moment.  When you have something important on your mind, write it down so you can get it off your chest, so to speak.  Then go back to what you were doing and try your best to focus on the present.  This will help you form better relationships, be more creative, be more productive and have more fun in life.

Turn off electronics.

Many times we’re not enjoying ourselves because we’re caught up in our electronics.  Periodically checking your mobile phone is one thing but being buried in it while you’re spending time with family or having lunch with your girlfriends will consume you.  Keep your phone, tablet and laptop away when you’re trying to enjoy people or an activity so you won’t be tempted or distracted.

Spend time outdoors.

Nature can be very relaxing and help us all reset.  Plus, it’s certainly a place where you can literally “smell the roses.”  Nature is inherently balanced, which has a soothing effect on us.  Find what is most peaceful to you about nature and take time to enjoy it often.  For some, that’s water, which may give you a sense of figurate weightlessness and causes you to move slower.

Eat slower.

We’ve all been guilty of gulping down food too fast sometimes.  Eating is a time to relax and enjoy nourishment.  While not possible in every circumstance, do try to embrace your meals by eating slower.  It will help you savor flavors, aid in digestion and give you an overall sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic day.

Lose your inhibitions and play.

The free-spiritedness of children is something we can all embrace.  Experts agree that even adults should play every now and then.  If you have children, let them be your guide into imaginary worlds, new games and creative play.  When it’s adults only time, find a hobby that allows you to let loose and play without being consumed by your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Do less and schedule time for nothingness.

We often don’t have time to slow down and enjoy life when our schedules are packed to the brim.  Learn how to say “no” when non-mandatory requests come up if it would cause your plate to be too full.  Also, mark off time on your calendar for nothingness.  This will allow you to be spontaneous and do whatever strikes you at that time.  Hopefully whatever you choose will involve smelling the roses.

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