iPhone application to keep track of your nursing schedule

How are you currently keeping track of your nursing sessions? If you aren’t already using your smart phone, you should be!

I found a breastfeeding logging application for the iPhone (Baby Tracker: Nursing) that will keep track of your nursing sessions without using some of the old tactics our moms taught us to use. I always have my phone on me, so even if I’m away from home, I can just click on the app icon to track when I last fed my baby, length and even which side I used. And for those of you with multiples – you can enter up to 6 babies.

They also made a similar, more complex app called Total Baby.  This app combines the benefits of the nursing application with tools for tracking not only nursing, but also diaper changes, sleeping, bath time and more.  Keep it simple with Baby Tracker: Nursing or for the more tech savvy, go all out with Total Baby.  Both of the apps are $4.99 and totally worth the investment.  I know there a multiple baby tracking applications out there- keep us posted if you are using a different application that you love… or loathe!

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