Knowing Your Bra Size and Avoiding Common Bra Fitting Mistakes

Knowing your bra size and avoiding common bra fitting mistakesA crucial element to looking great is feeling good in the bras you wear. When you wear a bra based on what size it is rather than how it fits and supports your breasts, you’re sacrificing your own overall look based on numbers and letters. It’s time to change the way women think about bra sizes; instead of feeling discouraged by band numbers of cup sizes, feeling empowered to wear whatever size fits your curves best, period. A recent study conducted by a plus size clothing retailer indicated that 90 percent of women agree that “what you wear can affect how you feel” and we’re sure this sentiment applies to lingerie.

A fabulous outfit can lift your mood, so why not expect the same from your bra? Even though it serves as the foundation for your outfit, bras typically don’t get the same kind of compliments cute wrap tops or dresses do. Make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size by checking these bra fit factors to see if your current bras pass the test:

Do your underwires press directly against your breast tissue? Time to measure yourself and see if you’re wearing a too-tight band size. If you do try a bra in one band size above, try both your regular size cup option as well as a bra with one cup smaller to see which has the capacity you need.

Do you feel like you’re spilling out of your bra all over—cups, side wings, and back? Some curve-hugging outfits highlight bumps so try out a smoothing bra that works to provide coverage and a seamless silhouette. Different bra styles can change how your shape fits as well, so experiment with full cup coverage, demi cup coverage, or even front closure bras. You never know, you might find your new favorite fit.

Are your bra straps constantly slipping throughout the day? Even if you’ve tried adjusting them and have had no luck, this might be a sign that your current bra size is too big for your curves. Also keep in mind that your shoulder’s width and shape will affect how your bra straps fit. If you have narrow shoulders, try a bra style with straps that taper inwards slightly. Racer back bra styles are great for women with chronic strap-slip issues, because the unique back design anchors your straps firmly into place.

The same study we referenced earlier also reported that 90 percent of women “feel more confident while wearing an awesome outfit.” Why not take care to wear the right size bra every day so you can build an amazing outfit on top of an already fabulous foundation? Give your curves the care they need to look their best in whatever you wear. Wearing the right size bra can also eliminate your chances of feeling back and neck pain, and your bra will reinforce good posture. So go ahead and make sure you’re rocking the right size for your fashion style and your health.

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