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Amber Riley isn’t your typical Hollywood triple threat (even though she acts, sings, and dances); her compassion and philanthropic spirit set her apart from other starlets. Currently Amber is in the final four on Dancing with the Stars, and we’re cheering for her and partner Derek Hough’s victory! In honor of the two-part season finale November 26th and 27th, we’re taking a look at why Amber is a Leading Lady favorite actress and singer.

Amber’s rise to fame came in 2009 when she was cast on the wildly-popular Fox show Glee. Mercedes Jones, Riley’s character, is part of the talented glee club and adds her own distinct personality to the fictional high school cast. Though Riley is now a recurring guest star (Mercedes graduated at the end of season 3 and makes sporadic appearances in season 4) she still lends her beautiful voice to the ensemble performances that make Glee spectacular. Amber received numerous awards for her role as Mercedes, including a SAG award and a Golden Globe. She received the NAACP Image Award as well. Well deserved wins, in our opinion!

Aside from acting on Glee, Riley is currently working on a solo album. She also has a derek-hough-amber-riley-usmagazinesongwriting credit under her belt; she co-wrote a track for popular British girls group The Saturdays. She is one of the best performers on this season’s Dancing with the Stars and consistently scores big during competition. Will she and Derek take home the trophy this year? We hope so! It would be Derek’s fifth overall win and a huge accomplishment for Riley.

Music is clearly important to Amber, which is why she makes sure to give back to less fortunate kids who have musical dreams of their own. Riley was a VH-1 Save the Music Foundation ambassador and helped promote Battle of the Band competitions for high school students across the country. But music is not the only cause Amber gets behind; Riley is  a current member of Seventeen Magazine’s Body Peace Council. Amber uses her star power to help promote body acceptance and is a consistently positive role model for women everywhere.

Thanks, Amber for being a Leading Lady we love! Good luck in the finals, we know you and Derek will blow the judges away. Looking to try a new hobby? Take a cue from Amber and get out on the dance floor or try a new exercise class that is both fun and healthy.






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