Leading Lady Empowers Moms With Its Largest Nursing Bra Donation Ever of More Than $600,000 in Products During World Breastfeeding Week & National Breastfeeding Month

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Cleveland, OH—July 29, 2019  During its 80th anniversary year, Leading Lady gives its largest donation ever of more than $600,000 in maternity and nursing bras in honor of World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month. This annual philanthropic program empowers and enables parents to make educated nutritional decisions for their families. The maternity and nursing essentials will be distributed through partnerships with nearly 350 breastfeeding organizations across the country.

“We’ve been supporting pregnant and nursing moms for 80 years now,” said Mark Corrado, third generation owner of Leading Lady. “It’s more than our family business, it’s our passion. We believe every mom – regardless of income – should have the resources to make informed decisions for her family. This year, with our largest nursing bra donation ever, we hope to inspire moms and help them nourish and nurture their babies.”

Leading Lady celebrates breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week, National Breastfeeding Month and year-round with products, resources and programs aimed at uplifting families. Breast milk offers a life-sustaining health and nutritional experience, and breastfeeding bonds families for a lifetime. With support and encouragement, new moms in every walk of life can make the best choices for the health and wellbeing of their babies. Feeling empowered with fact-based resources, a network of advocates, and a few simple supplies can make the difference in meeting breastfeeding goals.

Leading Lady’s comprehensive collection of maternity and nursing apparel includes maternity and nursing bras, tank tops, sleepwear, shapewear, nursing covers, and nursing pads. Products that make breastfeeding easier, comfortable, and stylish is one link in the chain of support that helps new mothers on their breastfeeding journey.  Through breastfeeding awareness campaigns during the 80 years of its existence, Leading Lady has donated millions of dollars in nursing bras and sponsored philanthropic programs that annually reach thousands of women to raise enthusiasm for the cause.

Breastfeeding support organizations are at the grassroots level working with moms, babies and entire families to ensure they have the education and practical knowledge to successfully breastfeed. Leading Lady is partnering with La Leche League as a national sponsor of Live Love Latch,  local chapters of WIC (the USDA’s Women, Infant and Children program), hospitals, clinics, and other community groups to distribute this year’s largest nursing bra donation in the company’s history.



About Leading Lady

Leading Lady is a premier intimate apparel company dedicated to improving women’s lives with innovative products, resources and programs.  Family owned and operated; Leading Lady has been supporting breastfeeding moms and babies for 80 years.  The brand promises superior comfort and fit, a comprehensive selection of products and sizes, and an excellent customer experience. The full collection is available for direct purchase at LeadingLady.com and in select retailers nationwide.

Website: http://www.leadinglady.com | Social: @leadingladybras


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