Leading Lady Fan Paula Garcés

paula-garces-with-babyNew mom Paula Garcés is not only a doting mother to her son, Antonio, and older daughter Skye, but is also a popular Colombian actress best known for her roles in the Harold and Kumar movie franchise, popular television series including Devious Maids and Warehouse 13, and appearances in many of TV’s successful dramas like The Sopranos and CSI: Miami. Married to Antonio Hernandez in 2002, Paula and her husband welcomed their first child Antonio in November 2013. Paula wore Leading Lady nursing bras and tanks after delivering and “swears by” our nursing collection to provide the comfort and style she needs for successful breastfeeding. Thanks for being a fan, Paula and Toñito! Paula blogs for Mamas Latinas and People’s Moms & Babies. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for new mom updates from one of our favorite celebrities.

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