Leisure Bras – Why We Love Them

When you’re looking for comfort, flexibility, versatility and functionality in your bra, look no further than leisure bras.  Designed with a woman’s ultimate comfort in mind, leisure bras are the bras you never knew you really needed!

Here’s why we love leisure bras:

Leisure bras are made for every woman.  This is the type of bra you can wear around the house, to run errands, under your summer dress, under your winter sweats and even to sleep.

The fabric is made from stretchy cotton, nylon and spandex blends to offer flexibility, mobility and comfort.  These cool fabrics are breathable and move with you, while still giving you great support.

Sleep has never been so sweet with leisure bras.  The front closures ensure you are not lying on hooks that may dig into your back at night.  Plus a leisure bra supports your breasts at night, making sleep ever so comfortable.

The front closures also benefit those with limited mobility to reach around back to fasten and unfasten bras.  Women with shoulder or back injuries are especially fond of leisure bras.

Leisure bras are great for nursing moms too!  Front closures make it easy to unfasten for breastfeeding, or you can slide down the cups for access.  Nursing pads fit nicely into Leading Lady’s leisure bra styles.

Leading Lady Cotton Front-Closure Leisure BraLeading Lady’s leisure bras are super cute!  With fun colors like peacock and prints like polka dot and leopard, our leisure bras feel good AND look good.

Leisure bras feature wide straps to disperse the weight of breasts across the shoulders.

Did we mention how comfortable leisure bras are?  For all of these reasons, and the ones we hope you will soon discover, leisure bras are super comfortable.  In fact, we even have one that is considered The Most Comfortable Bra in America!

Right now we’re making it convenient to stock up on leisure bras – Receive free shipping when you buy 2 or more bras!

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