Living with Passion

Living with PassionWe are all happier and more productive in life when we are doing something we enjoy.  Put another way, living with passion makes us more whole.  This probably isn’t news to any of us.  But for most of us, finding how to live with passion and when to practice our passions is another story.

In our goal-oriented lives filled with responsibilities, figuring out ways of living with passion can be quite difficult. It definitely takes some soul searching and dedication.  Here are three tips for living with passion:

1)      Revisit the Past:  When we’re young living with passion was second nature.  We were constantly having fun and doing things we enjoyed.  And we were able to find passion in almost anything.  Take a journey backwards to remember what brought you joy throughout your life, even as a child.  Often passions emerge at a young age and you can strive to regain some of that passion by revisiting the past.  Spend some time meditating on the past, asking family members what you used to love to do, looking at old pictures of yourself or returning to places of your youth.  The sights, sounds and smells of childhood can help you find a common thread and reignite the youthful excitement you’re seeking.

2)      Identify your Passions:  Try to pinpoint what it is you are passionate about… And don’t be afraid to say it out loud.  Sometimes passions are hard to admit to ourselves because we may not see them stemming from a productive path or we may have strayed far from them already.  Let go of the “rules” you’ve established for denying your passions and really try to identify what brings you joy.  Once you come clean with yourself, let others know what you are passionate about.  Discussing passions with others will further engage you in pursing them and may spark ideas on how to live your dreams.  Some people create a “vision board” of pictures, writings and other things that keep them on the path towards their passions.

3)      Incorporate your Passions in your Everyday Life:  Life is very busy and you probably cannot quit your job and leave behind your responsibilities to singularly follow your passions.  But you can make a commitment to living with passion by incorporating what makes you happy into your existing lifestyle.  For instance:  Your passions can be fulfilled through volunteering if you can’t pursue them as a career – You may be an accountant but your passion is for nature so you can volunteer in ways to improve your environment or educate others about nature.  You can create space in your home to practice passions – such as creating an art studio, woodworking shop, movie theater or writing room.  You can join a group of people with a similar passion – perhaps who are training for a marathon or going back to school for an advanced degree.  Or you can research and role play, literally pretending you are “the best” at whatever you’re passionate about – like being a gourmet chef for a dinner party among friends or performing a one-woman show on open mic night.

Living with passion takes some work but it is well worth it. Life is too short for dissatisfaction and discontent.  Bring the passion back to your life, starting with these three steps.

We wish you much passion today and always!

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