Looking Younger: 10 Tips to Slow the Appearance of Aging

Getting older has some advantages.  We’re a little wiser from experience.  Our parents can’t tell us what to do anymore.  Our lives are coming together nicely.  But one disadvantage of getting older is the visible signs of aging.  Yes, those fine lines and wrinkles you may have noticed around your eyes and mouth.  Perhaps a little sagginess on your eyelids.  Some discoloration or coarseness on the surface of your skin.  Oh, and the graying hair.  It’s all caused by aging and most women wish it would just go away!

Aging is both natural and woman-made, meaning part of it is genetic and the rest is due to environmental and lifestyle factors.  On the genetic side, there are just some parts of the aging process that are out of our control.  We inherit it along with the color of our eyes, the shape of our nose and the length of our toes.  And we all age differently, with different effects at different times.  Some people start young and others are in their 40s before they see any signs of aging.  If you have beef with this natural aging process, you’ll have to take it up with your parents.

On the flip side, we do have control over some environmental and lifestyle causes of visible aging.  Some of the worst culprits include sun exposure, smoking, diet, dieting, facial expressions, hydration, gravity, grooming and sleep position.  Not sure what to do about these daily habits that could be causing you to look older?  We’ve got some tips on looking younger with some simple lifestyle adjustments:

Looking Younger: 10 Tips to Slow the Appearance of Aging1)      Always protect your skin from the sun.  Ultraviolet rays dangerous release free radicals into your skin, causing cell damage and potentially cancer.  Any amount of tan is the effect of UV rays on skin.  Use sunscreen, cover your body with protective clothing and hats, and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

2)      Don’t smoke.  If you smoke now, quit.  It’s bad for your health in SO many ways.  If you can’t quit for fear of life-threatening diseases, do it for vanity.  Skin ages exponentially when you smoke, including additional wrinkles, discoloration and a unattractive texture of skin.

3)      Eat healthy to nourish your skin from the inside out.  Nutrition is important for great skin.  When you consume a variety of vitamins including the B-complex vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C and A, your skin will pay you back by looking brighter and refreshed.

4)      Don’t yo-yo diet.  When you lose a lot of weight and regain it, your skin will sag and you lose elasticity that is almost impossible to repair.  One area where this is especially apparent is the breasts.  Yo-yo dieting often causes unsightly stretch marks on the entire body too.

5)      Most of us would choose a few crow’s feet and laugh lines for a lifetime of expressions. But squinting is one facial expression that can be avoided.  Wear sunglasses to avoid squinting outdoors and wear necessary prescription glasses or contact lenses so you’re not constantly squinting to see.

6)      Drinking water is the most essential element our bodies need.  Skin needs it too.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and more if you are very active.  Also, hydrate your skin with moisturizers that allow your skin to soak up natural nutrients.

151peri7)      Gravity is unavoidable when it comes to our face, but we can support ourselves to reduce its negative effects on our breasts.  Yes, gravity can cause sagging and droopiness of the breasts, just like it does on our entire bodies. Larger breasts tend to sag more due to more weight for gravity to take its toll.  But we can lift and support breasts with properly fitting full figure bras.  Breasts that sit firmly upright on the chest look more feminine and create a youthful silhouette.  Keep in mind, women with large breasts should always wear a bra, including a sleep bra at nighttime.

8)      A great skincare regimen can help reduce the signs of aging.  Great skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should include natural nutrients that work best on your skin.  A good cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliant and eye cream are worth the investment.

9)      Smart grooming techniques can also help you look younger.  A mountain of makeup does not always hide wrinkles.  In fact, it can accentuate them when makeup lines creases.  Light makeup that covers, conceals and contours problem areas is ideal.  Also, keep eyebrows full, moisturize lips to reduce weathering cracks and add at least one non-neutral color to your cosmetic pallet to keep your look young and fresh.

10)  Over time, sleeping on your face causes wrinkles around the chin, forehead and eyes.  Try sleeping on your back to avoid unnecessary pillow aging.


Cheers to a more youthful look this year!

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