Love your Heart – Wear Red for Women on February 1

IMG_0515[1] (800x600)The month of February has us thinking about love. And we’re not just talking about the love you share on February 14th.  We’re talking about loving yourself, especially your heart.

We’ve joined the American Heart Association’s Wear Red for Women campaign to help raise awareness of heart disease and health risks among women. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and affects more women than men each year.

When you wear red on February 1, you’re helping to initiate the conversation about heart health.  You can begin by wearing red closest to your heart when you choose our red zig-zag weave front closure leisure bra and then add red to the rest of your ensemble.P1310211 (800x600)

Did you know that there are small changes you can make that will substantially lower you risk of heart disease? For example, lowering your sodium intake by swapping one processed food item for something home made is a simple change.  Or climb stairs instead of riding the elevator are steps toward a healthier lifestyle and a healthier heart.

Check out the Leading Lady team in red today, and join us! Go Red for Women, help us raise awareness about heart disease in women, and show your heart some love.  Plus, buy 2 or more bras February 1-6 and save.  Use the code REDHOT at checkout.

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