Lucky to be a Mom

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, moms! With kids in your life, you probably often feel lucky to be a mom. Even when things are hard and stressful (as they can certainly be in motherhood), having children opens your eyes to so many new and beautiful experiences in life. Whether you believe in fate, karma, fortune, happy accidents, destiny, divine intervention, nature’s intentions or strategic planning, motherhood is an awe-inspiring role. Today we’ll call it luck, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. And with luck – or whatever you believe it is – comes a whole lot of gratitude for these extraordinary gifts that your kids add to your life.

Curiosity & Thirst for Knowledge

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is an opportunity to relive youth, innocence and discovery. Whether it’s a baby who is just learning to explore objects, colors and textures, a preschooler whose budding imagination takes you to far away lands, or an older child who is soaking in adventures through science and literature, children possess unwavering curiosity. For better or for worse, adults take much for granted and forget to ask “why” on a continued quest for learning. Your children open your eyes, heart and soul to the newness of knowledge, one of the most important goals of life.

Unconditional Love

Loving a child is different than anyone else you’ve loved in your life, including your parents, best friends and spouse. The unconditional love you have for your child makes the impossible, possible. Nothing is off limits for what you would do for your children and this makes you lucky to be a mom and stronger than you would ever imagine. This strength builds your character, ingenuity and stamina to take on life’s everyday and sometimes out-of-the-ordinary challenges. Motherhood makes you resilient and ready to win out of unconditional love.

Honest & Pure Joy

Sure, you probably miss the freedom of sleeping late or a carefree weekend of doing whatever you want. But have you every felt honest and pure joy like that of being a mom? When your kids are happy and you see pure joy come over your child’s face in the form of a smile, giggle or downright belly laugh, it is the most magical moment on earth. That’s when you feel lucky to be a mom.

Improving the World

As you work hard on parenting – through the joys and triumphs and the challenges and hardships – you are molding an incredible human being. Like nothing you’ve done before, this person will one day do amazing things in the world all on his own. And you’ll know that you had a role in shaping him into someone who makes great contributions. No matter how old your child is – 1, 10 or 50 – you’ll feel lucky to be a mom and proud of all your baby has achieved.

We hope you cherish all the moments you feel lucky to be a mom!

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