Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year Long

Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year LongAs we enter the last month of summer and reminisce about how much fun the sunny season was, perhaps we can cling to a few lessons and carry them with us for the rest of the year.  Summer is usually the time to let lose, work less and play more.  Surely you took advantage of all that summer had to offer.  Today we’re helping you discover how to maintain these healthy summer habits all year long:

1 – Hydrate

Staying hydrated helps every aspect of health and well-being.  When you drink plenty of water your body functions better, you cleanse your system, your brain operates more clearly, you can reduce bloat and inflammation, and your skin is more vibrant.  In the hot summer months we get used to drinking water to quench our thirst and cool down.  Keep up this super healthy habit to reap the incredible benefits all year long.

2 – Be More Active & Spend Time Outdoors

Chances are you got out and about more often this summer and were more active than usual.  Moving is one of the best things you can do for your body and isn’t limited to the summer.  Plus, fresh air and new environments are invigorating too.  If you took advantage of summer activities like water sports, volleyball or biking, find ways to adapt these interests for every season.  Many sports you associate with summer can be practiced year round.  Or try a new seasonal sport such as fall hikes to enjoy the changing foliage or wintertime skiing.

3 – Use Sunscreen

Many people don’t realize that the sun’s harmful rays can damage your skin in any season.  Sure, the summer sun is strongest but any sun exposure warrants sunscreen, fall, winter, spring or summer.  Make sunscreen a part of your year-round beauty routine.  A daily moisturizer with SPF is a brilliant way to go, and cover your arms, legs and other exposed skin whenever you spend time outdoors.

4 – Eating Seasonally

Summer is ripe with watermelons, berries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, corn and much more.  It’s super nutritious to eat seasonal fruits and veggies, but it isn’t a trend specific to summer.  Research and enjoy seasonal produce to get the most out of their flavors and nutrients.  Plus, you’re more likely to find locally grown fruits and vegetables in-season.

5 – Trying New Things

Think about the new, fun things you tried this summer.  Were you more daring with your wardrobe?  Did you test out a new workout class?  Did you go to more concerts or take more trips?  Did you stray from your go-to restaurants and dig into some new cuisine?  Did you switch up your hair color?  Whatever bold moves you made in the summertime can last all year long if you let them.  Or make a point to keep that carefree summer attitude to try even more new moves.  You might even surprise yourself!

We hope you enjoy these healthy summer habits all year long!!

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