Make Magic with Jeans and Sweaters

Jeans and a sweater are a staple casual look for many women during the winter.  But this typical uniform may feel stale as the winter trudges on and we’ve worn the same combinations several times already.  Don’t fall into a rut with your jeans and sweaters outfits.  Instead, look for ways to spice up the same basics to make a wow statement with every wear.  Here are some ideas to make magic with jeans and sweaters this season:

Add a Layer:  Layers can drastically change your outfit and create an entirely new look out of the same ho-hum pieces.  By adding a blazer or vest over a sweater, you’re altering your outfit completely.  Or, put a layer underneath your sweater such as an oxford shirt with the collar spilling over the top of your sweater, or a long colorful shirt that adds a pop beneath the hem of your sweater.

Young Woman Holding Red Handbag. Model ReleasedBe a Bag Lady:  By pairing your jeans and sweaters with a new bag – perhaps one with some bling or color – you can really jazz up an outfit.  Look for complimentary colors, such as reds with blues and purples with yellows, that will help your bag be an accent asset.  Your bag can also help transform a daytime look with an oversized handbag into a nighttime ensemble with a clutch.

Chunk up the Jewelry:  No one will notice the same old jeans and sweaters when you wear them with different chunky jewelry.  Necklaces are a great start.  Try bolder sheens and colors with neutral sweaters and more classic neckwear with brightly hued sweaters.  Long earrings or chunky bracelets can also snazz up a traditional look by drawing attention elsewhere.  Pin up your hair or roll your sleeves to show off your jewelry selections.

Invest in Scarves:  Scarves are both functional and fashionable in the winter months.  Collect a variety of scarves of different fabrics, colors, patterns and lengths that compliment many of your sweaters.  Try tying them in unique ways to add an interesting twist to your look.

Wear a Hat:  Hats are super fun and trendy.  Find hats that fit your head shape and face nicely and buy several to elevate your winter wardrobe.  From beanies with balls, berets, boaters and buckets, to floppies, fedoras and forties-inspired headwear, hats draw attention to your face and make a great winter statement.

Shoes Make the Look:  Of course no outfit is complete with a great pair of shoes.  Boots are certainly in season including ankle boots, rider boots or heeled boots, but do pick the right styles for the cut of your jeans.  Also, winter heals or wedges look great with jeans and sweaters and can add height to your appearance.  Or go for a sneaker or loafer that will keep you comfy and trendy this winter.

Change your Hair:  Although it isn’t a wardrobe piece, changing your hair do can modify the look of an outfit.  You may find that v-necks look better with a down-do while turtle-necks and higher collars are complimented by a bun or ponytail.  Your hair alters the view of your neckline and can give your outfits that last boost they really need.

We hope you make lots of magic with jeans and sweater looks this winter!

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