Managing the Holidays

managing the holidays

Holidays can be stressful, even without a new baby.  With a new baby in tow and a lack of sleep it can become overwhelming.  Try to prioritize what is most important for you over the holidays.   Between the countless errands and family visits, you may feel like you won’t have enough time to focus on your baby.

When preparing for the holidays, try breaking up your outings into shorter increments, leaving plenty of time for you to be able to breastfeed and take care of your little one’s needs.  Dressing for easy access is another way to ensure that you’re ready to nurse anywhere you go. A sweater layered with a cute nursing tank, like Leading Lady’s new stripped style, is a great option to keep you warm, and allow your baby to nurse no matter where you are.

Another way to ensure you’re not stretching yourself to thin is to ask your spouse for help. If your partner can take on some holiday related errands, such as stopping at the post office to mail cards or packages, or picking up last minute items at the grocery store, it may alleviate some of your stress. Or take advantage of your nighttime nursing sessions by multitasking & browsing the many sales going on this season. I did some of my best Santa shopping in the wee hours of the morning while I was nursing in front of the computer in the coziness of my own house with my pajamas on.

If you’re preparing for a big dinner at home, bring in your girlfriends and prepare together.  I did this every year with a group of friends.  We bring a list of ingredients, make cookies and appetizers together and divide them up at the end of the evening.  You can take them home and toss them in the freezer until you need them.

You may also want to consider taking family members up on their offers to have holiday meals at their homes this year.  Without the prep required for hosting a big dinner, you will have the time and energy you need to focus on your baby and spending time with your loved ones.

Just remember your baby won’t be little forever, so take advantage of spending time nursing and holding him.  You will have plenty more holidays!

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