Meet Our Leading Ladies….Becky

Her distinctive red hair is hard to miss.  And her smile just makes you want to try on exactly what she’s wearing.  These are just a few reasons why she makes a perfect Leading Lady.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Dallas, Leading Lady Becky has several full time jobs in addition to a successful modeling career.  First and foremost she is a mom, which we all know is a job-and-a-half.  She has two beautiful, creative children:  Daughter Sydney, age 7, and son Jax, age 2.  Sydney and Jax travel with Becky for modeling shoots a couple times a year and even do some modeling along with mom.

Becky finds that one of the greatest rewards of motherhood is the friendship she has with her children.  “I feel like I always have friends,” she says.  “We create our own fun and there is always someone to do things with.”

One of their favorite activities to do together is to act out stories from children’s books. “The kids surprise me every day with their personalities,” Becky says.  “They are so funny and smart.  I can’t believe how quickly they pick everything up.”

All of Becky’s additional jobs have stemmed from modeling or motherhood…or both.  Becky is a fitness instructor, teaching seven or eight classes a week ranging from step aerobics and kickboxing, to muscle building and boot camps.  She loves to work out and, of course, her classes keep her in shape for modeling.  Becky taught classes through her 8th month of both of her pregnancies and she completed full workouts the day she went into labor with each of her kids (which was in her 42nd week for both times).

Becky and her husband Trey, who is a photographer and fellow model, also recently started a “supermodel party” business for young girls’ birthday parties where they provide professional hair and makeup services, hold a photo shoot and host a runway show.  Each girl takes home a photo of herself on the cover of a magazine as a keepsake.

Becky connected with Leading Lady around seven years ago and has been modeling our bras ever since.  She recollects meeting the late Mr. Alfred Corrado, Leading Lady’s second generation owner, at a shoot once and admired his enthusiasm and dedication.  “He was a lovely man who truly loved his business,” she says.  Becky chuckles remembering how he brought ice cream to one of their shoots, not realizing that wasn’t exactly the menus that models prefer during a lingerie shoot.

And Becky does not only model Leading Lady bras, she also wore them when nursing both Sydney and Jax.  She always knew she wanted to breastfeed her children and had to work extra hard to maintain her milk supply while balancing her modeling career, which she returned to just two weeks after giving birth.  “Leading Lady’s nursing bras were a lifesaver,” she says.  She particularly enjoyed the nursing chemise and nursing tanks, which she still wears today.

Leading Lady nursing bras are the gift that Becky always gives at a baby shower and constantly recommends them to her nursing friends.  And now Becky has passed the torch on to her sister who is a new mom and a new Leading Lady.

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