Natural Home Remedies for Babies

When your little tot gets a boo-boo or a cough, every parent wants to make it magically disappear.  Watching your child suffer is one of the worst parts of parenting.  Or course it is always important to call your pediatrician if you think your little one has a serious problem.  But for minor aches and pains, there are some amazing natural home remedies you can employ to turn those frowns upside down.  And get this:  they are very inexpensive and you probably have everything you need to resolve your baby’s problem right at home.  Plus, you can avoid putting harmful chemicals or pharmaceuticals into your baby’s tender body.

Here are some natural home remedies for babies you can try next time your bundle of joy has an ouchy:

Colic:  Babies have very immature digestive tracts and sometimes this causes colic.  When your baby’s tummy is grumbling, whip up some chamomile tea.  After brewing, let it cool and add it to a bottle of breast milk.  This will help relax the intestinal muscles and hopefully soothe your baby.  Never exceed 4 ounces of tea in a day to ensure your baby is getting all the nutrients she needs from breast milk.

Fever:  Getting a fever is your baby’s way of telling you that her immune system is trying to fight off a foreign attack.  That’s a good sign, but also uncomfortable for her.  Using a wash cloth, rub fresh squeezed lemon juice and warm water on your baby’s skin to help reduce fever.  The aroma and cooling properties of the mixture will help bring down the fever.

Bug Bites:  Most babies aren’t able to swat away bugs before they bite, leaving babies with some nasty sores.  Instead of using an over-the-counter itch cream on your baby’s sensitive skin, try making a paste with baking soda and water.  Bites are acidic and can be counterbalanced with a basic alkaline substance like baking soda.

Natural Home Remedies for Babies

Congestion:  Most doctors suggest saline mist to unclog a baby’s stuffy nose.  You can make your own mister using saline contact lens solution and a bulb syringe.  Gently squeeze the solution into each nostril.  When you are done, clear out the syringe and then suck up the excess mucus with it.

More Congestion:  Another good trick for drawing out mucus from the nose is placing a sliced onion in your baby’s room while she sleeps.  The sulfur in the onion will loosen mucus overnight so you can suck it up the next day.

Nose Bleeds:  Many cultures use cayenne pepper as a nose bleed remedy.  If your baby is experiencing a nose bleed, with her head upright simply pinch her nostrils together and dab cayenne pepper under her nose.  It does not sting but it does help clot blood.

Itchy Skin:  Your baby may not be ready for a bowl of oatmeal, but she may need an oatmeal bath to relieve itchy, dry skin.  Grind the oatmeal to a fine texture in a blender or mixer and then add ½ cup to your baby’s bath.  Let her soak for at least 15 minutes to help moisturize her skin deeply.

blowing-bubblesAnxiety and Fussiness:  Bubbles are a wonderful cure for a flustered baby.  First, they are distracting and enchanting for a baby to watch.  If you think your baby is feeling anxious or is just plain old grumpy, help her blow off some steam by blowing bubbles.  If your baby is old enough to start trying to make her own bubbles, hold the wand in front of her face so she can blow too.  Even if she doesn’t form a bubble, the deep, long breaths will help her calm down.

Water in the Ears:  If your baby thinks she’s a fish and loves to swim, she may get water trapped in her ears.  This can lead to ear infections.  But you can avoid antibiotic drops or oral antibiotics by drying out the ear cavity with a hair dryer.  Start on a low, cool setting to ensure your baby is not frightened by the sound or sensation and be sure to stand at least one foot away from the ear.

So go ahead, wave your magic wand and watch the boo-boos disappear with these natural home remedies!

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