New Year’s Resolutions and Reverse Resolutions

women-running-Chris-Hunkeler With the end of every calendar year people are encouraged to kick out old habits to make room for new ones. Our new year’s eves are a time for reflection as well as celebration; we are optimistic for what the next year might bring.

Here’s a new take on New Year’s resolutions worth considering: what if, instead of planning on changing a habit for your New Year’s resolution, you decided to stick to a routine, habit, or way of being you cultivated in 2013?

Reverse resolutions counters the age-old practice of trying something unexpected and brand new in the New Year. Instead, reverse resolutions challenge each person to pick something admirable from his or her lives and stick to it. Talk about a New Year’s resolutions shake up!

reverse-resolutions-papalarsDid you start that backyard garden you’ve been talking about for years? Make it your resolution to add a new vegetable to the mix, or to devote more time to summertime weeding for a bigger crop.

Did you start walking the dog before work in the morning? Keep it up! If you’re feeling up to a challenge, try waking up fifteen minutes earlier and adding the extra time to walking an extra block on your path. Both you and your dog will be happy you added to the workout.

Have you been more patient at work, with your partner, or your parents? Acknowledge your hard work and resolve to keep focusing on your patience capacity in the New Year. New Year’s resolutions can extend beyond one year! You’re more likely to continue being successful if you keep attention on your attitude instead of jumping into another challenging New Year’s goal.

New Year’s resolutions should be the boost you need to adopt a new habit or way of living. If you’ve found what you want to work on, don’t feel the need to ditch your hard work because the calendar year is finished! If you’re not sure what you want to make as your New Year’s resolution, think about sticking to a reverse resolution and draw inspiration from your current routine.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Will you try the reverse-style resolution?

Happy New Year, Leading Ladies!

(1st photo courtesy of Chris Hunkeler, 2nd photo courtesy of Andrew Larson, both of Flickr Creative Commons)

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