Nursing bra fit tips

It is very important to make sure that your nursing bra fits well through all of your nursing stages.  In the first weeks of breastfeeding you will probably notice the biggest changes in your breast size, sometimes by even several cup sizes.  Please do NOT try to “squeeze” your fuller breasts into a bra that is too snug.  Added pressure or tightness on lactating breasts could cause plugged ducts or even mastitis which is a breast infection.  Make sure you have enough room in the band to expand it to another row of hooks on the clasp, if needed.

nursing braAlso remember the bra cups are not denting your breasts or your breasts aren’t spilling out of the cups.  A comfortable bra will help ease the transition of your body in matching your milk supply to your growing baby’s nutrition needs.  Check out these fit tips for more information.

The Leading Lady Lightly Molded Cushion Strap Wirefree Nursing Bra is a great fitting and supportive bra.  Great for day or night and everything in between!

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