Organizations that Support Mothers

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We each have our own adventures and challenges with motherhood.  For those moms who are less fortunate and lack resources and support to feed, clothe, educate and provide care for their children, the challenges can be vast.  Fortunately, there are many organizations that support mothers and help provide basic needs to families in critical situations.  Additionally, many organizations that support mothers aim to improve the lives of women to help them rise about barriers to their success and independence.  Here’s a look at some of the top organizations that support mothers and the great work they are doing to advance women:

Feeding America:  This leading hunger-relief organization provides food through food banks and meal services, especially for children.  Their goal is to eradicate hunger in the U.S. by promoting self-reliance.  This national organization has many local food banks where families can get healthy and nutritious food to nourish themselves for a brighter future.  You can volunteer with Feeding America by bagging groceries or serving meals at a local food bank or shelter.

Help a Mother Out:  Diapers are an essential supply for all infants.  When babies sit in soiled diapers, it can lead to health complications for the baby and sometimes spread to the entire family.  Help a Mother Out is an organization that supplies diapers to families who cannot afford them.  Based in California, this group raises funds and takes donations to distribute a healthy stock of diapers for poverty-stricken families.

Global Fund for Women:  With women’s rights at the forefront, Global Fund for Women is an international advocacy group aimed at social justice, equality and the rights of women, especially single mothers.  It matches donors with those seeking grants for women’s rights programs in groups around the world.

Every Mother Counts:  Founded by mother, model and activist Christy Turlington Burns, this organization works to provide vital medical care for childbirth to prevent maternal deaths.  Every Mother Counts operates in many countries and helps give at risk women crucial information about childbirth safety, access to trained medical professionals and transportation to reach facilities that can care for them before and during childbirth.

Mom-Mentum:  This non-profit aims to improve the personal and professional lives of women through support training, professional development and public policy advocacy.  They support an Annual Women’s Leadership Conference and many employee relations initiatives that promote flexibility for working moms to find success in their career and family lives.

Futures without Violence:  Futures without Violence is a support and advocacy group to fight against domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  They are influential in legislative changes regarding violence and supporting families to end violence in homes and communities.  Their message focuses on respect and positive, healthy relationships as a means to end violence.

MomsRising:  Another mother’s and women’s rights advocacy group, MomsRising works at a grassroots level to affect legislative policy and corporate change.  Their issues include parental leave policies, fair wages for all, toxin-free work environments and flexible work schedules for parents.

As mothers, we can all invoke changes in some way.  Get inspired by these organizations that help women and find your own way to improve the lives of mothers in your community.

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