Overhaul Your Lingerie Drawer

As summer fades away, it’s a good time to do some fall cleaning.  A great place to start is your closet and today we’re here to help you assess, purge and organize your lingerie drawer.  After all, your intimates are the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you remove at night.  So having the essential full figure bra wardrobe at your fingertips will start your day off with a smile and hopefully send you off to bed with sweet dreams.

First things first, make sure you’re wearing the right size bra.  Over half of all women wear the incorrect bra size.  Are you one of them?  Measure yourself at least twice a year – at the beginning of spring and fall are the perfect times to reevaluate your bra size.  It’s very common for size to fluctuate with weight loss or gain, hormonal changes and age.  Don’t get caught up in numbers and letters.  Wear the size that you measure to ensure your breasts are properly supported without any shoulder or back pain and that you’re comfortable in whatever bra size your body dictates, whether that’s a 36C or a 42DDD.

Once you know your size, purge the bras that no longer fit or are stretched out from overuse.  While you’re doing yourself a favor by ensuring a great fit in all of your bras, do someone else a favor too by donating your old bras to a local shelter or our friends at Bra Recyclers.  But before you banish them, think about which bras were your favorites and why you liked them so much.  You’ll want to remember this for selecting new styles.

5415_Black_250x250Next, it’s time to shop for new full figure bras right here at Leading Lady, of course.  It’s important to always wear the right bra for whatever activity you’ll be doing that day, whether it’s a lazy morning at home, a trip to the gym, or a night out on the town.  We recommend maintaining at least 3 bras in each category you wear regularly.  For example, if you wear a molded padded underwire full figure bra to work, have 3 on hand in your current size in case a couple are in the laundry at any given time.  Same goes for active wear bras, sleep and leisure bras, t-shirt bras and special occasion bras.

When you’re buying full figure bras, keep your wardrobe in mind.  As fun as it may be to have all hot pink bras, it’s probably not practical if half of your blouses are white.  Balance more practical nude and white bras, with fun colors, patterns and sexy lace.  Be sure to have a few black bras for dark fabric tops.  Also consider the straps and the neckline of your bras.  If you wear plunging v-cut shirts, look for bras in deeper cuts.  If you tend to wear sleeveless shirts, thinner straps may be the way to go.

Now that you have selected your bras, go through the same exercise with your panties.  Discard ones that no longer fit or have worn elastic.  Just like your bras, you’ll want a variety of styles of underwear.  Choose new ones that meet your lifestyle needs in colors that match your wardrobe and make you feel great.  Pick a few panties that pair well with your bras to create matching sets.

overhaul your lingerie drawerOnce you have your bras and panties, it’s time to start organizing.  Your lingerie drawer should be easy for you to quickly grab whatever you need.  The best way to do that is to keep your bras and panties arranged by category.  Depending on how you like to organize, buy small bins, drawer dividers or larger containers that are broken into smaller sections.  There are tons of options available or you can make your own from bins or cardboard you have around the house.  Fold and stack your everyday, sports, leisure and special occasion bras separately for easy access.  Have corresponding piles of panties behind or next to your bras.  You may also want to sort by color so you know where to find your neutrals versus your louder bras and panties in a jiff.  For a fresh, romantic scent, keep a sachet in the back of your drawer.  Or if you don’t have one, wrap an empty perfume bottle in paper towels and the scent will linger on your intimates.

Good luck with your lingerie drawer overhaul and all of your fall cleaning!

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