Plus Size Bras – How Many Should You Have in Your Wardrobe?

We design plus size bras for every occasion in a full figure woman’s life.  We know the importance of selecting a bra that is appropriate for various activities in your lifestyle, from going to work and dressing up for cocktail parties, to hitting the gym and lounging at home.

Leading Lady Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure BraWearing the right plus size bra for your lifestyle is important for two key reasons:  1) your bra should properly support your level of activity and 2) you want your bra to complement your clothes.  For example, sports bras are slightly stretchy to allow for comfort and mobility during exercise while reducing bounce.  But a sports bra probably wouldn’t be the right choice under your favorite black cocktail dress.  On the other hand, everyday bras and special occasion bras are designed to be supportive throughout the day, while offering structure for clean lines under your clothes.  However, wearing your sexiest lace bra to the gym…not the best choice!

So that begs the question, how many plus size bras should you have in your wardrobe?

Leading Lady zig-zag front-closure leisure braThe answer is somewhat dependent on your daily activities.  Most women have at least nine bras in their wardrobe, and at least six that they wear regularly.  We recommend having at least three of each type of bra you wear consistently.  That will ensure you have one to wear, while one is in the wash and one is waiting for you in your lingerie drawer.  If you go to the gym several times a week, you’ll need three sport bras.  If you sleep in a bra, you should have at least three sleep bras.  And the same goes with your everyday t-shirt bras, too.  Be sure to mix in some flirty, lace bras for nights out, or when you want to feel extra sexy!

Bras tend to stretch over time, and your bra size can even fluctuate with increased muscle, weight loss or gain. You should be fitted for a bra at least every six months to ensure you are wearing the proper size.  Buying bras with four hook-and-eye closures in the back and adjustable straps will offer a larger range of sizes to accommodate slight fluctuations.  Also, make sure you are caring for your bras appropriately – we recommend washing by hand and line-drying them.  Proper bra care will help increase the longevity of your bras.

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