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Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so does our plus size lingerie.  Leading Lady believes that every woman deserves to feel sexy.  Sometimes, slipping into a beautiful lacy bra is just what we need to feel a little more confident.  Whether there’s a man in your life who will see it or simply knowing you look good under your clothes is all that matters, having several special occasion bras should be part of every woman’s intimates wardrobe.

Leading Lady's Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure BraThink about it.  The next time you are faced with making a presentation in a meeting you’ve been dreading for weeks, or going on a first date, wear a sexy bra and take note of how you feel.  We believe great bras inspire confidence.  While they are literally supporting you, they are also supporting how you feel about yourself.  And sometimes that extra lift – in every sense of the word – will give you a boost of self-assurance to make your day that much brighter.

Plus size lingerie comes in a variety of fashions, as you have certainly noticed.  Leading Lady takes a sophisticated and elegant approach to lingerie without neglecting the most important aspects of a bra:  fit, comfort and support.  Our bras incorporate stylish details, from lace trim to all-over lace, and we ensure the fabrics we select are not only gorgeous, but also soft and breathable.

Leading Lady crossover front closure racer back leisure braOur best-selling scalloped lace full figure bra allows a hint of skin to peak through, while also offering full coverage and support.  Our lace cup full figure bra is one of the most sensual bras in our collection and comes in black and nude to match your mood.  If you’re looking to show off those fabulous curves of yours, our lower cut crossover front closure racer back leisure bra will highlight your cleavage for deep v-cut tops and dresses.

We are constantly inspired by the women who wear our bras.  We hope our bras, in turn, inspire you as well.  Leading Lady offers a range of sizes of plus size lingerie, including hard-to-fit sizes like smaller cups and larger bands.  To get your inspiration started, take advantage of our end of summer sale and save 15% off your entire purchase.

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