Plus Size Printed Leggings: Fun and Easy Ways to be Fashionable and Comfortable this Winter

Plus size printed leggings are one of the easiest, most comfortable and trendiest looks for winter.  Throw on a cute top and a pair of boots and you have a simple, yet fashionable, outfit for almost any occasion.  Swap the boots for heels and you’re ready for your evening plans.

We’ve put together some fun ways to dress up and dress down your plus size printed leggings for the most flattering looks:

Plus size printed leggings


Prints and Patterns That Reflect Your Personal Style

Printed leggings are a great way to make a personal fashion statement, so make sure yours are a reflection of you.  Feeling wild?  Go for a leopard or zebra print.  Wanna be sweet?  How about floral?  Are you cute and flirty?  Try polka dots or lace.  Need to be noticed?  Bright colors can do the trick.  There are endless possibilities so pick something that really allows “you” to shine through.

Long Tops for Uber Comfort

If your goal is to be comfy and warm, look no further than a fabulous pair of leggings and a long top.  Oversized sweaters or cardigans look awesome with printed leggings, as do drapey blouses and longer oxford shirts.  If you prefer something more form fitting but need to stay warm, wear a fitted tank top or t-shirt underneath and pair with an open-front blazer.  We love this look with tall boots.  The combination of a long top and high boots will elongate your look, giving a taller, slimmer appearance.

Plus size printed leggings


Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Casual or dressy, many dresses look great with printed leggings.  Wrap dresses look fantastic with printed leggings because they give definition to your legs and create a more interesting outfit.  Or, try a structured dress and heels with your printed leggings for a dressier look for work or date night.  Be sure your dress does not clash with your leggings.  Look for solid color dresses or ones with subtle prints that blend nicely with your leggings.

Flatter Yourself

A few tips for your most flattering look:

  • The best plus size printed leggings will fit snugly without creating bulges or ripples.
  • If you are wearing a tighter shirt, be sure the waist-band on your leggings is not too thick or bulky so it doesn’t protrude.
  • Spandex blends will help hold your curves in place.
  • Bulky fabrics and textures may create a thicker appearance.  Stick to smooth, sleek fabrics and let the prints create the illusion of texture.
  • Black and grey are always the most slimming.
  • Horizontal stripes cut off the leg.  If you are a stripes-loving gal, go for vertical.
  • Panty lines are no fun so wear seamless underwear or thongs.

We hope you have a blast this winter in your plus size printed leggings!  Share your personal style with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

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