Pool Exercises: Stay Cool and Fit in the Pool

Pool Exercises:  Stay Cool and Fit in the PoolOn hot summer days, a refreshing dip in the pool is just what we all need to cool off.  How about using this time to multi-task by doing some pool exercises too?  Pool workouts are a great way to stay cool and get fit and toned at the same time.  Water resistance increases strength and makes for a great cardio vascular workout.  You can get a serious heart-pounding workout in for your upper body, lower body and core.  Plus, pool exercises are low impact, which is terrific for anyone with joint pain or who is recovering from an injury.  Water can be healing and therapeutic as well.

Swimming laps is great exercise but can get boring.  Instead, try these dynamic pool exercises as your summertime workout.

Aqua Jogging:  Believe it or not, jogging in the pool burns more calories than on land thanks to water resistance.  Start with regular run-like steps around the shallow end of the pool or in place.  Also try variations such as high-knees and butt-kicks to work your leg muscles differently.  Aqua jogging is a great warm-up for your pool exercises as it gets your blood flowing for cardio and loosens muscles for more strenuous exercises.

Dolphin Kick:  This elegant move works your abs and inner thighs.  Holding the side of the pool with both hands, glue your legs together and kick like a dolphin making a wave from your belly to your toes.  Squeeze your inner thighs tightly together as if you’re trying to pop a balloon and initiate the move from your abdominal muscles.

V-Sit:  Holding yourself in a sitting position in the pool takes a lot of strength and is a great cardio move too.  With your head above water, lean backwards and lift your legs up so your body is in a wide “V” position.  Keep your legs together and tread water with cupped hands at waist-level.  This one is killer on your abs.

Backwards Flying Lunge:  Pool exercises aren’t only for the core and lower body.  Stand in a lunge position in between the shallow and deep end so you are submerged up to shoulder level.  Bring your arms completely in front of your body until your palms meet.  Push water backwards with cupped hands until they reach beyond your back.  Quickly jump up to switch your lunge to the opposite leg and repeat.  You’ll feel this one on your shoulders, chest and back as you use these muscles to thrust through the water.

Kick Line:  If you ever wanted to be a Rockette, this a good exercise for you.  In the deep end of the pool, tread water with one leg forward and the other straight under your body.  Hold this position for 5 seconds and then quickly switch legs kicking the opposite leg forward.  You should feel this dance-like move in your core and all throughout your legs.

Sideways Leap Frog:  Water jumping catches a lot of resistance that makes moves even harder than on land.  In the shallow end, leap sideways landing in a one-leg squat with the other leg raised.  Hold the position for a few seconds and then straighten both legs into a standing position.  Repeat alternating sides.  We bet your quadriceps and outer thighs will be screaming by the end of it.

Poolside Sit-ups:  With your legs folded over the side of the pool and knees bent around the edge, let your upper body float on your back.  Lift yourself into a sit-up position.  On the downward motion, bend as far back into the water as possible.  Then come back to the surface and repeat.  Try variations including movements that twist your oblique muscles.

Make a splash this summer with these pool exercises!

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