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It seems there’s an app for everything these days from games and photo developers to even games for your cat. There’s no surprise you can now find parenting apps and pregnancy apps right in your phone to make life either a little easier when you find out you have a new baby on the way. Today we are sharing four pregnancy apps every new mom should download and start using!


WebMD Pregnancy: WebMD is not only a great site for anyone to visit with a medical question, but they now have an app for pregnant women! This app allows women to track their pregnancy with fun features and tools wherever they are. With an easy and organized format you can find anything you need to know about babies, nursery and postpartum care, pregnancy symptoms, and so much more. They even have a calendar where you can track your appointments, a place to store your baby and bump photos, and there are easy guidelines to follow with their helpful checklists, diagrams, and photos!

I am Totally Pregnant: The “I am Totally Pregnant” app is like no other! Featuring 3D videos and photos of your fetus, you can watch way more than your bump grow. This app is great for new moms because there are lots of tools and features to help you get ready for delivery, such as emergency contact forms and a birth plan checklist. Furthermore the app provides a shop with all the baby products and accessories you’ll need, a due date calendar, advice videos and discussion groups with real moms, and a place to store your baby photos.

The Pregnancy Companion: This app is perfect for new and experienced moms looking for a little guidance. As the only app created by certified OB/GYNs you know you’re going to get quality help and advice from real professionals who know what they are talking about. This app offers daily pregnancy tips, it tracks your baby’s weekly development, and you can ask your doctor questions straight from the app! In addition the app also offers a weight and hydration tracker to keep you healthy.

The First Response Tracker: If you’re trying to get pregnant this is the app for you! The First Response Tracker tracks your cycle and your pregnancy. The app also provides weekly progress reports and gives you all the information you need about pregnancy and your body.


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