Pregnant Celebrities Wow with Red Carpet Dresses at 2014 Oscars

kerry-washington-oscarsIt’s safe to say that these are some of the most fashionable moms-to-be we’ve ever seen on the red carpet! Now that awards season has come to an end, we’re ready to look at some of the glamorous pregnancy moments from the 2014 Oscars ceremony.

Kerry Washington looked so beautiful in her soft amethyst Jason Wu gown that we didn’t even notice her damp hemline at first! The Scandal star’s gown featured a simple silver bar detail in the neckline and paired well with the diamond and silver bracelets Kerry chose. Her shoes, which were heavily embellished silver heels, shone brightly and gave her entire look the pop it needed. Washington even managed to successfully match her lipstick to her nail polish—a deep burgundy and plum mix—without looking overdone. A pregnancy fashion A+ for Kerry!

elsa-patasky-chris-hemsworthElsa Pataky, married to Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and currently expecting twins, looked radiant in her bejeweled teal Elie Saab ensemble. Elsa’s heavily draped gown featured a very low drop-waist, which worked well with her enormous baby bump. The intricate blue beading over a nude slip looked beautiful against the blonde actress. Elsa and Chris’ outfits looked great together too—the actor wore a burgundy suit. What a beautiful couple!

olivia-wilde-oscarsActress Olivia Wilde, whose emerald Dolce and Gabbana gown wowed at the Golden Globes, went for a demure, sophisticated look at the Oscars. Dressed in a high-necked black Valentino gown, Olivia pulled off her classic Hollywood look with white teardrop earrings, striking cat-eye makeup, and tousled curls in the perfect “messy” updo. Her D&G gown featured a single white back panel that made her overall look more modern. Olivia’s baby bump was definitely cloaked by her mostly-black ensemble, but from side pictures, it was plain to see that she’s not too far off from her May due date.

These actresses might not have won Oscars at last Sunday’s Academy Awards, but they certainly wowed us with some of the best red carpet pregnancy fashion looks!

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